5.11 Response Jacket *CCW/Plain Clothes

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5.11 Response Jacket *CCW/Plain Clothes

Post  PSCCanada on Sun Dec 18, 2011 4:56 pm

Fellow Whores:

First impression on this jacket is that it looks like a walmart jacket. However that is where you are wrong. The great aspect of it having a low key view is that it looks low key so if you decide to wear a jacket for Plain Clothes Work or CCW I would recommend this.

Fabric and Stitching:
Very Happy The Fabric is a nice lightweight jacket which is good for Spring/Fall. Not the warmest for winter *Pending wear you are *however if you are in a warmer climate than this would suit you.
Exclamation Stitching wise is a hit or miss with this jacket. Most of the time you will get this jacket that has excellent stitching however when you get one that it is a miss IT IS A MISS. Pockets tend to go first on the misses or the armpits.
Smile The jacket does dry very quickly if it gets wet. Isnt the greatest if you are in the rain or such it to me is more of a windy day jacket.
Very Happy The elastic wrist bands on the jackets sleeves are EXCELLENT and over the years that I have used this jacket they have NEVER worn out or failed.

Now the reason I recommend this jacket:
If you are a Plain Clothes Officer and/or CCW Holder you need a way of easily identifying yourself to responding Law Enforcement Officers in the event of an Incident this would be a great jacket for that. It has two small Pullout Panels on the front and a 3/9 Panel Pullout on the back that you can have Stitched/Silk Screened lettering onto it.

I have attached a link to a video review of this jacket so you can forward any question about it over to me if you would like.

Having a brain dead moment thats why this review is kinda CRAPPY...




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