5.11 Tactical Mission Rolling Duffel (Image heavy)

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5.11 Tactical Mission Rolling Duffel (Image heavy)

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Sun Jan 01, 2012 4:07 pm

Being a gear whore you tend to accumulate a lot of gear. Sometimes it becomes difficult to decide what you want to take with you. More stuff obviously equals more weight. While the Eagle deployment bag aka "Dead Hooker Bag" is dreamy it's also extremely large and uncomfortable to carry around since it does not have wheels or ergonomics whatsoever. Where the concept of a rolling duffel is nothing new (rolling luggage) there have been a lot of tactical companies dipping their toes in the market. I mean who wants to roll into a battlefield with a Samsonite?

So finally I got something new with the hopes of alleviating the weight on my back and arms from lugging heavy gear around. Enter the Rolling Duffel Bag.

Factory specs:
-MSRP $199
-Measurements, 30x20x13
-Heavy duty wheels and axle
-Collapsible handle
-Internal mesh divider
-Five external pockets
-Reinforced bottom corners and skids
-Adjustable high impact locking clasps
-Four external carry handles
-1,600 denier nylon
-YKK zippers
-Weighs approx. 11lbs

This is a big bag and the review will be a bit lengthy, so bear with me.

First impressions

The bag looks solid and the thick nylon makes it feel extremely robust. For being 11lbs, this big bag doesn't feel it. Plenty of pockets and handles all around the bag. The internal compartments are equally generous. The collapsible handle is smooth and gives you a good solid click when locked into place. The wheels are also very smooth and at least while empty it rolled effortlessly.


Outside shot of the bag

Closeup of the hang tag

Taking a close look at the stitching and nylon it looks very good. Here is a closeup, judge for yourself. Also included a shot of the large zipper pull tabs, complete with 5.11 logo. Bigger tabs make it easier to pull when you're in a rush or have thick gloves on.

Backside of the bag. Note the reinforcement bars, carry handle cover, and wheel base covers. If the bag is going to be tossed around (which it will) these points are extremely important. The backside also has thicker vinyl wrap to protect it. Good detail often overlooked. You figure a bag like this will often spend it's life on it's backside exposing it to more wear and tear. Not an issue here since it's been addressed.

Shot and closeup of the wheels. These are some burly wheels, feel very solid to the touch. They are attached very snug to the axle, have no play, and spin freely. I also like the large tread pattern. Excellent for uneven terrain. I took it on a small test trial and it survived sand, dirt, grass, and pavement just fine. I have no concerns of them giving me issues in the future.

Top of the bag. Note the reinforced corners (on all four sides). The main carry handle easily opens with the push of a button and the pull of the handle. The handle is made of metal and has a thick abs handle. Locks into place nicely with a good audible click. When collapsed back into the bag it sits flush, this is nice in the sense it won't catch on anything. Handle only has 2 positions, closed and open. No additional positions in between. Bag comes complete with jet black 5.11 pvc patch.

Shot of the left side. Note the reinforced carry handle, stitches, and extra materials to keep it in place. This bag has a lot of handles, generous amounts. Definitely makes it easier to move the bag around but when you're ready to really start moving around you definitely would want to use the main collapsible handle and wheels. (depending on how much stuff you've weighed it down with)

The right side of the bag has 3 pockets. One bigger center and 2 smaller on the sides.

Right side pockets offer plenty of storage space. Pictured here in the smaller pockets are a pair of gloves in one, the other has a safety lanyard and survival bracelet.

The center pocket on the right side is a bit larger and pictured here is a Peltor headset and shemagh.

Closeup of the large buckle. Brand name buckle usually means success.

The belly of the bag has the main soft carry handle. Both straps with reinforced sides.

The top carry handle, located near the collapsible handle has the rubber cover and is the comfiest to hold. Note the d-ring for the optional shoulder strap. The bottom carry handle resembles more that of a drag handle on a vest. Also note the d-ring.

Moving on back to the belly of the bag. You get 2 pockets. The bottom one being very large. You're able to fit a large helmet inside with room to spare, which is nice.

The pocket above it is not as big but is equally as generous with real estate. Pictured here with Oakley sunglasses case, gloves, tablet, safety lanyard, and Peltor headset. Zipped with ease.

They also include a shoulder strap if you so choose to carry it that way. I would never and that's because once full this bag will weigh a ton. It's a nice gesture nonetheless. More is better.

Closeup shot of the main compartment zipper. Note the rings for a lock.


Tactical gel bag, heh

Internal hang-tag. Made in China Sad although I will say I'm impressed with the overall quality.

Inside of the bag, left side. You get 2 large compartments, both with zip closures.

The smaller pocket can hold up to a 15" laptop

The larger compartment is quite larger. Here is a shot of it completely open.

Same compartment now being stuffed with gear. Pictured with, dump pouch, laptop, sweater, headset, lanyard, shemagh, glasses case, and a few other smaller items. Very large compartment. Easily zips even with all the items inside.

Finally onto the main biggest compartment of the bag. This compartment is separated by a mesh cover which is zipped shut. Closeup shot of the high quality YKK zippers.

The main compartment has a removable padded insert. Note the closeup picturing the soft insert.

On the sides you get an additional 2 mesh pockets. They are the same size and can hold a tablet.

Very very big large compartment. Pictured inside is a BCS low profile plate carrier, Eagle RRV, 15" laptop, Multicam uniform, rappel harness, helmet, glasses case, lanyard, dump pouch, running shoes, shemagh, sweater, tablet, and some other smaller items WITH room to spare. At first glance it looks smaller than it actually is. Very impressed.

Final thoughts

Been in the market now for a big deployment / travel bag with wheels and collapsible handle. Being a tactical gear whore I needed something, well, tactical. This 5.11 bag has more than plenty of storage space. Plenty for a plate carrier, uniforms, boots, etc. I look forward to using this for travel as well. Range trips, camping, etc. Stick a rifle, ammo, and other gear all in one bag. I'm disappointed that it doesn't come in other colors but it does make the bag more discreet. In the back of a car it looks like an innocent travel bag.

5.11 is using quality materials from the 1600 denier nylon to the name brand buckles and YKK zippers. I always say it's the small details that make the gear. Let's not forget to mention the big wheels, solid axle and good tread pattern. Bag has a reinforced back and corners as well. Not to much was overlooked into this bag which I appreciate. The price point at $199 I will admit is not entirely bad, comparing it to other travel luggage you buy at a department store and the quality you get with this one, it's definitely worth it.

Although I'm not a fan of gear made in China, this is in fact 5.11 and not cheap reproduction or knockoff gear. With that being said I give it GWA Approved status.

-Holds plenty of gear
-Quality materials, 1600 denier nylon
-YKK zippers
-Brand name buckles
-Wheels and axle feel robust
-Collapsible handle combined with wheels is a godsend

-Not available in tan
-No velcro for ID tapes, etc.
-Made in China

*Additional note. There has been a complaint of the bag tipping over while being full. Because of the bigger pockets in the front you definitely want to correctly organize your gear with heaviest gear towards the back. With all my gear inside of the bag I did not have an issue with it tipping. Then again I'm a bit methodical when it comes to packing.

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Re: 5.11 Tactical Mission Rolling Duffel (Image heavy)

Post  mindphaser on Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:10 am

Another nice review, thx very much.
I consider buying a Mission Ready 2.0 for Future Travel ... in the future not to the Future :-) I am so happy with the Rush24 Pack which makes a really nice carry-on bag.
But first and next coming up : the 5.11 Delivery Messenger Bag and then we'll see.

Have a good one.


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