5.11 All Hazards Prime Backpack

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5.11 All Hazards Prime Backpack

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Wed May 02, 2012 3:13 am

A lot of new gear was showcased at 2012 Shot Show. CB did a video demo of this pack and I instantly took notice.

Shot Show spotlight:

Here is the video done by CB:


Specs from 5.11:
-Main compartment: 11.5”W x 7.5”D x 20.5”H (1768cu in)
-Overall exterior dimensions: 11.5”W x 9”D x 20.5”H (1968cu in)
-Designed with direct input from MACTAC instructors
-Padded laptop sleeve
-Padded tablet sleeve
-Hydration compartment
-Compression straps
-Tear-out medical pouches
-Interior web platform
-Side pockets for storage
-Grab and go handle
-MSRP $219.99
-Available in Black and Sandstone

Click on pics for higher res.

Overview of the pack. There is a lot to cover.

Closeup of the PVC 5.11 patch. Same color as the pack. Notice the clean stitches.

There is a lot of velcro on this pack. The main right in front.

Pack is using YKK zippers. A sure sign of quality.

Zipper pull tags complete with rubber 5.11 tab and not just drawstring.

The front compartment is large enough to fit any number of accessories. Pictures here is a large tablet.

Perfect fit.

2 way zipper, easy to access from either side.

The pocket directly behind the first one is the "admin" pocket. Plenty of compartments for pens, keys, notepads, etc.

Shown here with some pens.

The front 2 pockets are attached to a flap that opens up and accommodates large items that would otherwise not fit in the pack.

Bottom of the compartment is lined with a micro fiber material. Should help with not scratching or damaging more fragile items.

Above the compartment there are 2 additional attachment points.

This big compartment is adjustable and open up via 2 buckles.

One thing I found annoying is that if you want to open up the 2 main compartments all the way you'll have to unclip either or both of these buckles.

Next to the buckle is this extra attachment point. Removable and able to install on the other side.

Corner shot of the webbing on the side.

Above, front and center is a piece of velcro big enough for a standard name-tape. Perfect for any service member to ID his pack.

Side shot of the pack. Notice the MOLLE and velcro.

Closeup of the velcro and MOLLE. I find these 2 pieces of velcro strange. They are awkwardly sized and don't seem to fit any of my patches perfectly. Perhaps ideally for blood type or other medical insignia. Maybe some IR tabs. Tons of MOLLE for plenty of additional pouches.

Very top of the pack is another piece of velcro. Again small for any larger morale patch. Again possibly for medical or IR patch.

Shot of the large carry / drag handle. This handle is very big and very well padded. Nice to have something large to grab onto. Too many packs I see with small or uncomfortable carry handles.

Shot with the handle up. Note the thickness.

Between the drag handle and lower buckle is an additional single MOLLE. These are on both sides.

Moving back to the bottom of the pack. Notice the MOLLE and moisture grommets. Also note the 2 handles on each side.

These 2 handles are for both carrying and to help you close the packs larger compartment. Something to "grab onto".

There is no waist belt on this pack. Surprising since it has all the other bells and whistles. They do however include the attachment point.

Very top of the pack is the smaller accessory pouch. This is ideal for sunglasses, phones, or anything that is more fragile. The entire pocket is lined with a micro fiber material.

Shot of the micro fiber soft material.

Moving onto the back of the pack. Here is a broad shot. Notice the large amount of MOLLE.

Closeup of the backpack straps. There is a lot of MOLLE available. Probably more than you'll ever need.

They also include adjustable chest straps. Movable to virtually any position.

The 2 backpack straps are releasable via buckles. They are also partially hidden. This keeps them protected and prevents accidental discharge.

There is plenty of padding on both the back of the pack and on the backpack straps. Also notice the ventilation t shape.

The backpack straps are heavily padded and offer plenty of ventilation. Notice the shape of the straps. This shape better conforms to your body.

Bottom of the back features another moisture grommet along with 2 leather anti-slip patches.

Closer look at the material used on the back. This is featured both on the backpack straps on on the back of the pack.

A couple of closeup shots of the material. The white material is the padding. The mesh material allows for better ventilation and let's the back breathe more. Nice touch.

This wouldn't be a complete pack without hydration pocket. Takes a closer to see it but it has one. Very well hidden.

Rather odd how they did the 2 way zipper.

Pocket easily accommodates a large 3L bladder. Notice the tab to hold the bladder.

Wouldn't be complete without bladder tube management. 2 small tube threading holes, one on each side.

This pack has 2 main large compartments. To open either pocket all the way open you'll need to undo the buckle on the side. This I found to be quite annoying. Maybe a re-position of the front flap is in order. Maybe possible making the front flap removable as well.

Inside shot of the moisture grommet.

The front and smaller of the 2 main compartment is lined with MOLLE. Also notice the bright orange lining. The orange for "high visibility" for emergency situations. For those of your survivalists this is a great thing to have.

Here is a laptop to show the size. 15" laptop.

Other side features these 2 mesh bags. Both are removable. They also have clear plastic ID pockets.

I like this design, not MOLLE'd on but velcro. Strong enough to stay on and easily comes off. Great for med supplies if need to be quickly tossed. They include 2 of the mesh bags.

Closeup of the ID pouch.

5.11 patch tab. So proud of their product they even put a patch on the smaller bag.

Moving onto the larger compartment, located right behind the other. The bungee compartment is ideal for a laptop. Keeping it secure.

The velcro pocket contains the plastic back plate. This helps the bag to keep its shape.

Pictured here with a 15" laptop.

Other side has a smaller pocket.

Holds a large tablet no problem.

The main compartment is also designed to hold 2 of the All Hazards Ammo Mule stacked vertically (sold separately). Pictured here with 1.

Quick glimpse at the stitching and overall quality of the pack. Stitching and seams seem very good. Very consistent throughout.

Shot of the tags. Made in Vietnam. Anything is better than China although I always like to see Made in USA better. I have noticed a lot of companies are moving towards Vietnam vs. China as prices rise.

The All Hazards Prime Backpack is very well thought out. I can see they've gone a long way from their previous packs. So many attachment points, velcro, and MOLLE. So many ways to customize this pack to your liking. The integration of the mesh bags and being able to use the ammo mules in conjunction is fantastic. This is a great multi-use pack, whether military, on the range, or outdoor enthusiast.

Notable likes:
-Plenty of MOLLE
-Plenty of Velcro real estate
-High-vis orange inside is a nice touch
-Very well thought out pack, plenty of organizational compartments
-Integration with the Ammo Mules bags, great for range use

Notable dislikes:
-MSRP is a bit higher than competition
-Lack of color choice, only Black or Tan. Where is Multicam?
-Have to unbuckle the sides to fully open the main compartments
-No waist belt included

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