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Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Fri Jul 06, 2012 4:11 am

The magazine pouch without a doubt has evolved drastically in the past 10 years. Many upon many companies all have some kind of different design. ITW's design is a bit different, instead of using soft materials they instead are using high impact polymers. The FastMag hands down is probably one of the best innovations in the past ten years. It has definitely set the bar high for "fast" magazine reloads.

Notable features:
-GhillieTEX™ IR Signature Reduction Technology
-Compatible with most 5.56mm/.223 ammunition magazines
-Reduces reload cycle time
-High-Impact resistant polymer case with anti-fragmentation properties
-Mounts to any MOLLE/P.A.L.S. 1" web system, up or down [operators preference]
-Attachment slots for 'double-stack' or Malice® clips
-Magazine stays secure without pouch flap, hook, cover, or bungee
-Enhanced urethane tension strap can be moved up or down for additional tension
-Resistance to solar heating
-Duty belt version available
-Available in Black, Tan, Coyote, Foliage

Manufacturer page:

The FastMag Gen.III
ITW Military Products FastMag Th_IMG_0088copy
ITW Military Products FastMag Th_IMG_0092copy

Note the tension bands. These are adjustable to how much tension you prefer. Competition shooters may prefer less tension for faster reloads
ITW Military Products FastMag Th_IMG_0094copy

A look inside, the genius lies within the design and tension the components provide
ITW Military Products FastMag Th_IMG_0096copy

The Gen.III is stackable which means you can stack them on each other. You may want to do this if you are tight on space
ITW Military Products FastMag Th_IMG_0099copy

Side view of the stacked FastMags. They are just about as thick as a double magazine pouch
ITW Military Products FastMag Th_IMG_0098copy

Pictured here with a 30 round magazine in the rear and a 20 round magazine in the front. Notice how there is ample space between both magazines. Having enough space between both magazines makes grabbing just one that much easier
ITW Military Products FastMag Th_IMG_0100copy

Angle shot of the stacked Gen.III's and 2 magazines
ITW Military Products FastMag Th_IMG_0101copy

Here they are mounted on a battle belt. Pictured here with pistol FastMags as well. Along with mounting FastMags on each other you can also mount other MOLLE pouches as well (as long as the straps line up)
ITW Military Products FastMag Th_IMG_0107copy
ITW Military Products FastMag Th_IMG_0106copy

Above shot
ITW Military Products FastMag Th_IMG_0108copy

Shown here with pistol and rifle magazines
ITW Military Products FastMag Th_IMG_0110copy

The FastMags are an absolute godsend to those who seek an alternative to soft magazine pouches. These don't require velcro, bungee, or any other kind of noisy hardware. Simple in and out while the magazine stays put. You can even mount them upside down. These are so versatile you almost have endless possibilities. They are easy to mount as well, this can't be said about other similarly designed pouches.

They are available in various colors as well as magazine calibers. From 5.56 magazines to 7.62 and even pistol mags. Whatever magazine and odds are they will fit, no matter the caliber, size, or shape.

The ITW FastMag is essential warfighter kit. Essential.

-Color variety
-5.56 / 7.62 versions
-Pistol versions
-Low profile is ideal for combat belts
-Ideal for competition shooters looking for fast reload options
-Magazines stay put, takes a ridiculous amount of force to get one to drop
-Polymers are ROCK SOLID
-Duty belt and MOLLE compatibility

-Price, at $30 MSRP they can get expensive if you're looking to outfit your rig with a lot of units
-Open design can attract dirt and debris
-Noise, hard objects knocking up against other hard objects can create undesirable noise
-Stacking a lot of them together can create a lot of bulk

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