Intelligent Armour Multicam iPad Travel Case

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Intelligent Armour Multicam iPad Travel Case

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Sat Sep 01, 2012 6:09 pm

With the ever growing demand for tactical products it was only a matter of time before more we started seeing more "tactical looking" gear for everyday items.

As you look through your everyday items you may notice that "this looks incredibly un-tactical." Intelligent Armour is a UK shop and manufacturer. They have released several "tactical" cases for the Kindle, iPad, and several Android tablets.

Notable features:
-Two external pockets (including one zippered)
-Water resistant 2-way strech NanoSphere 40D Multicam fabric
-Padded to offer protection during travel
-Made in the UK

Product link:

The IA Multicam case

Close-up of the IA tag. Notice the Multicam tag as well

Small compartment zip with IA branded rubber pull tab

Closeup of the material and stitching. Very well done, fine craftsmanship

There are 3 total compartments on this case. The front which is zipped shut, a secondary which is velcro enclosed, and the main third for your device.

Here is the velcro enclosed compartment. Complete with Multicam velcro

Main compartment is microfiber lined which will prevent un-wanted scratches

Inside the main compartment. I did notice that it's much bigger than the actual tablet. Keep in mind that my tablet is about the same size as an iPad. Plenty of room, maybe to accommodate a case on your tablet as well?

Pictured here is the Motorola Xoom with a SOE sleeve, fits with room to spare

Front pocket holding the charger and the main compartment with the tablet

Here's the case fully loaded

This IA Multicam case is nothing short of a premium case for your iPad or comparable device. It's very well made and has enough pockets to accommodate your cables, tablet, memory cars, and possibly more. The premium materials and craftsmanship is top notch. I was very surprised at what I got. Top notch product.

-Premium materials
-Made in UK
-Done beautifully in Multicam

-Would like to see the size match up to the actual tablet a bit more (I've been told the next version may be smaller)

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