ECHO NiNER Light Speed Camera Strap V.1

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ECHO NiNER Light Speed Camera Strap V.1

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Tue Oct 09, 2012 3:01 am

If you're like me then chances are everything have is tactical. Probably even down to your keychain and possibly shoe laces. It seems that nowadays I have to find ways to make more everyday things more tactical...even a camera.

E9 specializes in camera straps with now having a total of 3 models. They also have 2 other pouches available.

Notable features:
-Available in Black, Coyote
-Constructed with Mil-spec materials
-Mil-spec tubular nylon
-ITW hardware
-Mil-spec 550 parachute cord
-Adjustable from 27"-52"
-Made in the USA

Product link:

Here is a Canon camera with the original and very un-tactical strap

Overhead shot of the E9 strap in coyote

Closeup of the attachment point. Notice all of the reinforced stitch points. This was made to LAST

Super closeup. That cord is going NOWHERE

ITW Made in the USA buckles. ITW has the best buckles in the business. This buckle is useful for "quick" removal, especially if you have a lot of gear slung over your torso

Shot of the E9 tag and my favorite tag, "Made in USA"

The E9 strap is adjustable for various lengths. It adjusts from 27" to 52"

Here is the E9 Light Speed installed on the camera. Much better

With me quickly running out of things to tactical-ize I find myself loving companies like E9. Brilliant ideas while making quality Made in the USA products. Not just a great idea with a hollow product. I really like the E9 strap and hope to see future offerings from E9.

-Built to last, made in the USA
-ITW hardware
-Available in coyote (tactical color)
-Fully adjustable with quick release buckle

-Not padded (padded model now available)

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