ECHO NiNER Mini Flat Pouch

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ECHO NiNER Mini Flat Pouch

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Thu Jan 31, 2013 4:37 am

DSLR, check. Tactical camera strap, check. But now where do you put your extra memory card or identifier patch? Well you could always carry an extra bag but then again certain situations may dictate otherwise. I personally prefer to have everything as consolidated as possible. The E9 mini flat pouch accommodates both an extra card (or 2 or even a similar sized accessory) and has a spot for a patch. E9 even offers a "Press" PVC patch.

Notable features:
-Colors: Black and Coyote
-Constructed with Mil-Spec Materials
-3." x 2.5" folded
-Made in the USA

Product link:

Front of the pouch complete with E9 logo tag

Back of the pouch with velcro. Enough velcro to hold a small or medium patch. Holds the Mini GWA patch perfect

Closeup of the Made in USA tag, love it!

It's even got a YKK zipper..

Pouch laid out, trifold design

Inside of the pouch laid out, notice the "shiny" part

The "shiny" is actually there for a reason, it's added grip to prevent the pouch from sliding around. Good extra to have if you have this mounted on a belt or a slippery piece of webbing

Here is the pouch mounted on their camera strap

The mini flat pouch is a simple and smart solution for not only an extra accessory holder but also an ID patch display. I'm digging the innovative simplistic solutions E9 is bringing out. Definitely eager to see more.

-Anti-slip pads
-Velcro for mini patch
-Stash pocket for SD card

-Would like to see an additional pocket or maybe a larger pocket to accommodate an extra battery pack

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