Noveske STS 60 Degree Selector

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Noveske STS 60 Degree Selector

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Tue Feb 26, 2013 5:20 am

I always wondered why Magpul chose to make a selector for the FN SCAR rifles but not the AR15s being that they specialize in AR parts. The SSG was designed as a drop-in replacement to the original FN SCAR selectors and of course in true Magpul fashion were made of polymer.

This is where Noveske comes in, they took the SSG and modified it to be used with the AR platform. They offer the selector in 2 different offerings, an ambi kit and a right only kit.

Notable features:
-60 Degree Throw
-Tuned for standard actuation force from safe & smooth return from fire
-Machined stainless construction with nitride finish
-Magpul supplied selectors (polymer)

Included in the kits:
-Included Ambi selector drum
-2 Screws
-A short & a long Magpul SSG Lever for operator preference

Product link for ambi model:

Product link for right hand:

Shot of both kits

Back of the kits

I'll be installing the ambi for the review

Made in the USA, in Oregon specifically

"Installation requires a really small pain in the butt screwdriver, that your local gunsmith is sure to have on hand."

Here's the ambi kit. Includes the ambi drum, both selectors and small screws

Here's the right hand only kit. Looks the same except the drum is right hand only. They give you both selectors that way the user chooses the size he so prefers

Up close of the Magpul made polymer selectors

Up close of the drums. The ambi drum on the right

Some may be wondering what the 60 degree throw means. It basically means that the fire position instead of bring at a full 90 it's only at a 60. This makes going "hot" will be much faster and also makes putting your firearm on safe that much faster as well. Explains the "short" throw term

And here's the selector on safe

This is by no means the only ambi solution for the AR15 but it's nice to have variety. Having the nearly indestructible polymer is a nice touch. Gives it that robust feel as well as making it a bit lighter. Best part is, it's relatively inexpensive at around $40 bucks. Noveske is even nice enough to include both size selectors for the right hand only users.

I will add though that installing the polymer selector on to the drum was very tight and I used a rubber mallet. No doubt will make it a pain in the ass to remove but it also means it's not going to budge or wobble.

Being an ambi shooter myself, I find having an ambi switch invaluable.

-Inexpensive, ~$40
-Kit includes 2 size selectors
-Magpul polymer is damn strong
-No wobbly or play
-60 degree throw is a nice touch

-Selectors are slightly bulky

RIP John Noveske 1976-2013, he will be missed!
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