Tactical Tailor Fight Light Plate Carrier

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Tactical Tailor Fight Light Plate Carrier

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Sun Mar 03, 2013 6:05 am

The name of the game now in plate carriers is lightweight, high maneuverability, and comfort. Tactical Tailor's entry into the category is their Fight Light plate carrier. Constructed of 500D Cordura instead of 1000 gives it 30% overall weight reduction while not losing too much in abrasion resistance.

Notable features:
-Available in Multicam, ATACS, Coyote
-500D Cordura, 30% weight reduction
-FR lined
-Side plate bags
-Padded shoulder straps with hydration ports
-Airflow pads

Product link:

The Fight Light plate carrier

Rear view

Front and center has plenty of Velcro for name tapes, unit patches, callsigns, and for morale patches. I like when companies integrate this feature as it does away with having to add any additional pouches.

It's hard to notice but there is also hidden hand pockets on the chest. The pocket is also useful for running your hydration tube through it

The vest is Made in the USA and being Tactical Tailor, the quality is excellent

I like how the shoulder straps are contoured and curved rather than being straight over the shoulder. Also notice how they integrate loops for cable management

The shoulder straps are releasable via snap buckles and are covered for wear and noise reduction

Shoulder pads are removable and have integrated loops for cable management. They are also padded, very comfortable

Drag handle is extra big. Would be nicer to see thicker material vs just the 1" webbing

Side of the back have webbing. Useful for all kinds of cable management or additional attachments

The inside of the carrier features some really nice pads and ventilation layout

Vest is also FR lined

Plate compartment

Removing the cummerbund is not like a typical vest where you lift up the front and unvelcro them. On the Fight Light, you unbuckle them. Nice thing is the buckles are protected. The bad thing is, it's kind of a bitch to do especially when covered by a pouch. The 2x2 molle is ideal for a taco pouch or ITW fastmag

The side cummerbunds come with 2 rows of molle. They also provide side plate bags which replace these panels

It's also padded and mesh backed

Removing and adjusting the length of the sides is pretty simple

There is'nt much adjusting the back of the vest. The vest naturally since being Tactical Tailor features malice clips. Lifting up the back panel reveals the inner workings

Undo the malice clips to remove the cummerbunds.

The bungee gives the vest some extra room when needed. This brings me to my biggest gripe about the vest. Since the vest has the side bungee and thicker cummerbunds that rely on molle covers it doesn't give the vest an amazing about of adjust-ability. I think Tactical Tailor could redo the cummerbunds and introduce a better system

The Fight Light plate carrier is a great entry into the lightweight and mobile plate carrier category. It's light, compact, comfortable, ergonomic, and has FR lining. Featuring all the small details such as cable management, hand pockets, extra long drag handle, and extra comfortable pads.

The only big drawback at least for me was getting the cummerbunds to properly adjust to my body. The vest can get very big but adjusting it to get it snug and tight is where it gets difficult due to the side bungee and thicker panels. The next generation Fight Light I believe should have a re-designed cummerbund system.

-Lightweight, slim cut
-Top hand pockets got used, A LOT

-Coyote webbing on Multicam
-Cummerbunds adjust-ability
-Price, $335

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