Platatac SCAR Mini Chest Rig

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Platatac SCAR Mini Chest Rig

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Mon Mar 04, 2013 2:52 am

A chest rig is a great way to carry your magazines and other equipment. Some prefer using a quick on and off chest coupled with a low profile armor carrier vs a more cumbersome plate carrier. Having 2 systems vs 1 gives you the option to remove all the heavy equipment while retaining your body armor. Having all of it all on one platform means once you remove your equipment there goes your armor as well. Having one universal armor carrier and several chest rigs also gives you a more cost efficient way to have more load-outs.

Notable features:
-1000D DuPont Cordura
-Holds up to 8 AR/M4 magazines
-Bungee top retention
-Folding front panel / bib
-Internal map pocket

Product link:

The Platatac SCAR Mini Chest Rig

The front bib gives you extra molle as well the capability of carrying a plate. It's also capable of being folded down and hidden away

The chest rig accommodates a variety of magazines, shown here with 8 AR magazines. The bungee retention is adjustable for longer magazines

Big pull tabs and thick bungee, this was built to last. Also notice the big and easy to use buckles

Drainage grommets on the bottom

Just like anything else Platatac, quality is superb

Back of the rig

Accommodates a plate as well

Shot of the Cordura tag

Big buckles make it easier to remove and put back on

Beyond from just military use, a chest rig is also great to have for a longer day at the range. Especially for firearms training where you may need more than just a few magazines.

Platatac makes fantastic kit without breaking the bank. Worth a look if you're not familiar with them.

-Price, MSRP $99
-Quality made kit, 1000D DuPont Cordura
-Holds 8 magazines, easy to access bungee top
-Foldable bib also holds plate

-Big buckles although easy to use are prone to noise and breakage once unbuckled (double edged sword here)
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