Grey Ghost Gear Plate Carrier

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Grey Ghost Gear Plate Carrier

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Thu Mar 21, 2013 3:23 am

Grey Ghost has come into the plate carrier market with their new lightweight plate carrier. It's a simplistic carrier that is also very very light. It's side entry design bypasses the typical large Velcro front flap giving the user less to fumble with.

Notable features:
-Multicam webbing and Velcro
-Simplistic cut
-Side entry carrier
-Padded shoulder pads with integrated cable management

Product link:

Shot of the carrier, notice that Grey Ghost is utilizing all Multicam webbing and Velcro

The Multicam Velcro completes the vest. It's nice to see that they went the extra mile and paid the extra for the materials. A reoccurring thing in my reviews is that I'm a sucker for small details. Enough real estate for a name tape and morale patch

Integrated hand pocket which can also be used to stash your hydration tube or other document. Also notice the bungee which can be used for multiple things such as but not limited to cable management

The sides attach via a snap buckle instead of a giant cummerbund with Velcro and a big flap. I'm a big fan of moving away from bulky cummerbunds and flaps. Makes it easier to get into the rig and less noise. The 2x2 MOLLE easily accommodates a mag pouch

Notice how the shoulder straps taper, this places the vest on your shoulders in a more natural position. The initial straps are also padded

The shoulder pads are very comfortable, they definitely didn't skimp out. Plenty of padding and breathable mesh. Also notice the integrated bungee for cable or hydration tube management

Adjustable shoulder length

It may be hard to relay via image but the webbing used on the vest while being Multicam is not standard webbing. I believe it's a woven webbing which has it's pros and cons. Pro is that the print is all the way through so when it wears out it won't fade like typical printed Multicam webbing (which will fade significantly with wear). The con is that it's somewhat more shiny and doesn't blend in with the fabric of the vest itself. Now this is just personal preference but you will notice it upon looking at it in person.

Another thing to note is that while the vest in itself is built solid could use a bit more polishing. Some of the threads are poking out, maybe production rushed through? Does this affect performance of the rig? Doubt it

Rear view of the plate carrier, notice all that Velcro on the cummerbund. If you know anything about manufacturing gear you'd know that having Multicam webbing and Velcro is quite expensive. Probably 2-3-4 times more expensive per yard vs standard colors. Times that by having to buy minimum quantities of x amount of yards not in 1 size BUT in 1", 1.5", 2", etc. That's a hefty cost in materials

The side cummerbunds are stiff plastic covered in Velcro, if the user so wishes they can add the side plate bags

The side plate bags are easy to install and stay put via Velcro closures. Front has MOLLE to add additional pouches

Cummerbunds are adjusted via bungee and a cord-lock, very easy to adjust to your body. If you're wondering, yes this vest looks eerily familiar to the Tactical Tailor Fight Light. From what I understand they had the same designer. I will add that this revision however has a better cummerbund system. Much more user friendly

Plates fit nice and snug, no slop. Notice the padding for your back

Side of the plate bags have webbing for additional attachments (whatever they may be)

The padding is great, very soft to the touch and breathes excellent

Grey Ghost Gear tag, carrier is Made in USA

If you're in the market for a light, simple plate carrier, this just may be it. The value is tremendous especially taking into consideration you're getting full Multicam webbing and Velcro. It's light, breathable, comfortable, and it's simplicity just works. I could definitely see Grey Ghost improving overall QC with the loose excess thread but overall the vest is a great option.

-Low profile
-Simplistic, no excess Velcro flaps or bulky cummerbunds
-Multicam Velcro and webbing
-Padded backs and shoulder pads
-Made in USA

-Maybe integrate a 3 mag shingle to the front?
-Some loose excess threads
-Personal preference, but I'd rather see the standard 2 sided printed Multicam webbing vs the full woven webbing

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