Ferro Concepts Garmin GPS Wrist Pouch

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Ferro Concepts Garmin GPS Wrist Pouch

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Sun Apr 28, 2013 4:50 am

The Garmin wrist GPS units are becoming more and more popular. From SOF units all the way down to infantry units. It's a great tool and it was inevitable for gear companies to come up with a carrying solution.

Ferro Concepts is a Canadian tactical gear company and have some unique and interesting solutions.

Notable features:
-Adjustable to rifle stock or wrist
-GPS unit held in by velcro closure

Product link:

Shot of the GPS wrist pouch. This is a very simple pouch, no gadgets, no gizmos, it's simplicity at it's best

Back of the pouch

Installing your GPS unit is easy

Side angle of the pouch.

Very thin low profile throughout, no complex straps or excess flaps

Pouch is stock adaptable and in all reality you can attach it anywhere you can cinch it down with the provided shock chord and locks

Pouch itself is very well built with correct bar-tacks where needed

Sometimes you just have to go simple, remember that age old KISS principle? Some companies tend to over-think an easy concept. It's a GPS unit and you need a sturdier carry strap. Keep it simple and more often than not you'll have a winner. This is by far my favorite GPS pouch so far. Can't wait to see more of what Ferro Concepts has to offer.

-Cost effective
-Plethora of color options

-Although you can adapt it to a stock (Pro) the excess slack may get annoying to where you may want to trim it

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