Ferro Concepts LW-QR-TQ™ Quick Release Tourniquet Pouch

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Ferro Concepts LW-QR-TQ™ Quick Release Tourniquet Pouch

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Sun Apr 28, 2013 5:29 am

You've been issued a tourniquet, now what? Before you go slapping a rubberband on it think about the value of this piece of gear. To some the combat tourniquet has proven to be their most valued piece of gear, so with that being said, you should probably think about how you want to store yours.

There are plenty of solutions for tourniquets and rule of thumb when you're bleeding is: the faster, the better. Seconds count when you're losing blood so you want to keep yours close and easily accessible. This means storing it in an IFAK may not always be the fastest. The most secure, yes but stumbling to find it when you most need it, no so much. The Ferro Concepts tourniquet pouch is as simple as it gets while keeping it secure, protected, and easily accessible.

Notable features:
-Secures tourniquet
-Fast deployment
-Various color options

Product link:

Shot of the tourniquet pouch

Just like my other Ferro Concepts pouch, quality is superb

Back of the pouch. Simple designs takes up just as much room as the tourniquet itself, no waste

Using the pouch is so easy a caveman could do it...

Pictures here on a vest

Seeing people attach their tourniquets with rubberbands (although effective) is not the most secure. Rubberbands deteriorate and aren't the most secure, they tend to snap, etc. A simple reusable pouch is much safer, more secure, and could potentially save your life. A non-working or missing tourniquet is a situation nobody wants to be in. These pouches are not that expensive and for the amount of money spent on gear you should do yourself a favor and take good care of your tourniquet.

-Cost effective
-Easy to use
-Protects and secures tourniquet

-Could possible use slightly more side protection

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