Hard Point OBB "Orion" Battle Belt

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Hard Point OBB "Orion" Battle Belt

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Wed May 08, 2013 4:57 am

Hard Point is a new guy on the block producing belts, vests, slings, and other tactical gear. GWA first spotlighted them back in Shot Show 2012 and were impressed by some of their fresh ideas. Initially they had some prototypes but no manufacturing but now they've entered full production on all their gear. Excited to see what they had I grabbed a couple of items.

Videos from Shot Show 2012:

Notable features:
-Quick release Raptor Buckle
-Removable outer belt
-Accommodates both MOLLE and 2" accessories
-Compatible with proprietary load lifters
-Compatible with pants belt, stick via Velcro to prevent slippage (sold separately)

Product link:

The OBB, top view

The OBB features the newer Raptor buckle. (would personally like to see the Austrialpin Cobra instead) The sand color buckle does look nicer however

What separates this belt from most MOLLE battle belts is the fact that the outer belt is removable and can be worn standalone (more on this later), notice the MOLLE

Inside shot of the belt laid out, the inside is essentially loop Velcro. Notice the natural curve of the belt

Hard Point tag, Made in USA

The outer belt is fully adjustable however due to the thick webbing it's quite STIFF, needs some definite breaking in. I will add though it's very easy to adjust, in fact adjusting any part of the belt is quite simple, pull, un-velcro, and re-adjust

As I mentioned above, the outer belt can be worn standalone as a weapon or duty belt. It's thick enough to hold pretty much any kind of subload

Probably the biggest thing going for the OBB is the fact that it's so modular, it accepts standard MOLLE pouches i.e. HSGI Tacos, ITW Fastmags along with any 2" weapon belt accessories

Now there's nothing perfect in this world and the same goes for the OBB. My biggest gripe with the belt is installing MOLLE pouches. The outer belt is so stiff that it's an absolute bitch to thread MOLLE strips. It's by no means impossible but you may want to map out where you want your pouches exactly before you have to redo it over and over

My fingers were not happy at this point, perhaps lighter belt webbing can be used

Shot of the interior of the belt, padded, naturally. Note that since the belt features an exterior belt that all subloads have to be mounted on the outside. You can't use a standard riggers belt and run it through the inside of the belt (not a bad thing)

Although installing pouches via MOLLE was an absolute pain the ass this belt from a design standpoint is quite impressive. Conventional wisdom says, sew some MOLLE, run a riggers belt through it and call it a day. What Hard Point did was basically reverse the order, they decided to make the interior belt, exterior. By making it modular the belt becomes more versatile. Now you're not limited to MOLLE OR 2" accessories. Considering most belt holsters and pistol accessories are 2" this belt will accommodate most parts.

Where the OBB really comes into it's own is the fact that you can wear it over their "Low-Pro" Underbelt. The OBB attaches via Velcro (explains the loop on the inside). This removes the need for suspenders and keeps it from shifting.

Wait but that's not all! For the ultimate and complete system Hard Point also offers their "Support Strips". The strips are hard plastic inserts that when combined with their belt system will offset the weight of a heavy plate carrier system. Easy on and easy off system. Doesn't have to be attached in any semi-permanent way

-Accommodates MOLLE and or 2" accessories
-Can use outer belt by itself
-Available optional accessories
-Made in USA

-Stiff outer belt makes installing of MOLLE pouches slow and painful

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