Helikon-Tex Combat Shirt

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Helikon-Tex Combat Shirt

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Mon Jun 10, 2013 1:07 am

I've had my hands on many combat shirts and they all have their pros and cons. The Helikon-Tex along with the others also introduces some interesting concepts.

Notable features:
-Integrated and removable elbow pads
-Quarter zip
-Athletic fit
-Large adjustable cuffs

Helikon-Tex's catalog and Facebook:

Shot of the combat shirt

The combat shirt features a quarter zip collar

The collar zips and is covered at the very top

Zipper is of uknown origin, although not a major part of the shirt I would like to see better zips

Arm pockets are zip shut and offer plenty of room. The Velcro on the outside is AMPLE to the point where there is too much. Having this wide of Velcro makes the arm fit strange. Perhaps they should make it vertical instead

Removable elbow pad is great, gives the operator the choice of using it or not

Lower arm stash pocket

Just like the rest of their gear, this shirt is using their proprietary camogrom pattern

I like the way they did their cuffs, it opens up wider than typical shirts giving you easier access to your forearms and to roll up your sleeves. Also allows for a better fit overall. Also notice how it tapers, gives you a bit more protection

Next big issue I encountered was the material they used for the body. It very easily standard to pull especially when exposed to velcro. Also saw some premature wear from repetitive motions. I definitely think they can improve this aspect of the shirt

Another weak point would be the under pit area. They could use reinforced stitching in this area

Overall there was some good design concepts put into the shirt but it was the construction that ultimately doomed it. Whether it be the questionable zipper, no reinforcement on the pit, or the body material getting excessive wearing. These are issues that can be easily fixed. Besides that the shirt itself performed good and fit well. The tapered cuffs were a plus and I personally prefer quarter zips as well.

I think Helikon can definitely improve this shirt and bring it back a bit more polished.

-Good fit
-Tapered cuffs
-Roomy arm pockets

-Needs reinforcement stitching in pit area
-Body material frays too easy
-Excessive and awkward arm Velcro
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