Massif Insulated Combat Sleeves

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Massif Insulated Combat Sleeves

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:15 am

So you're on the field and the temperature changes, what do you do? Normally you'd have to remove all your gear, put a jacket on and then put all the gear back on. After a while or depending on the temperature you then want to remove that extra layer so you'll have to stop, take off your gear and jacket. The Massif combat sleeves pretty much eliminates that extra process to get cozy and warm. When you're cold simply put on the jacket and secure the clips to your kit and that's it. When you're hot, unclip and take off the jacket. No removal of armor or gear necessary.

Notable features:
-Lightweight and compactable
-Berry complaint and premium materials
-Easy on and off design

Product link:

The Combat Sleeves comes in a small storage bag making it easy to store when not in use

Bag itself has belt loops and a MOLLE strap

Top of the bag features a convenient carry strap

Accessing the sleeves is easy, loosen the chord lock and open it up and slide the sleeves out

Roll out the sleeves and voila. The sleeves are light and compact. When done simply roll it back up and store it in the bag

It's definitely strange to look at first until you really understand why something like this can be extremely useful

One thing I really wish this thing had are hand pockets. Maybe it's just because I'm so used to having full jackets with hand pockets

They are using all Berry compliant materials down to the Multicam Ideal brand zippers

If you're looking to get warm and comfy in the field this jacket will give it to you

Plenty of Velcro real estate on the sleeves

Reinfoced elbows are always key

After you put on the sleeves it's important to keep it secure. There are 2 fixed clips that allow you to do so. Simply clip them to your rig and you're squared away. I would like to see these clips brought up a bit further in order for easier installation

Shown here with the clips attached

Interior of jacket has zipper flaps to prevent rubbing

Shown here on a plate carrier. Notice how it stops where the carrier stops. This is designed to allow full mobility and no restrictions on movement

Where these sleeves are definitely interesting to look at they are extremely effective and functional. Whether you're lounging around base camp, on patrol or taking a breather these sleeves got you covered. Easy on and easy off, it's perfect.

-Lightweight, compact
-Compact enough to fit in it's provided bag
-Berry compliant, premium materials
-Retails for $134, very reasonable (non-FR)
-Extremely useful!

-REALLY wish there were hand pockets
-Attachment clips I wish were a bit further forward

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