Platatac Medium Assault Pack MK II

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Platatac Medium Assault Pack MK II

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Sun Sep 01, 2013 5:08 am

I've been searching for a good ruck that can actually hold a decent amount of gear. Seems like other rucks I've purchased were too small or just uncomfortable. I've had good luck with Platatac gear and was pleased when I saw that they made a framed assault pack. This review is photo heavy so let's get started.

Notable features:
-40 liter capacity
-1609 Frame
-Removable radio harness
-YKK and ITW hardware
-Multicam webbing and matching Velcro
-Front removable mesh panel
-Available in Khaki and Multicam
-Padded waistbelt with MOLLE
-$299 Price tag

Product page:

Exterior shot of the Mk2 with front helmet mesh cover

Platatac is using Multicam webbing, mesh, Velcro, and binding tape (externally where it matters), an overall very visually appealing pack

The front mesh panel was designed to hold a helmet but it can hold so much more. A jacket, sleeping mat, etc.

It also features a zippered pocket which actually its a hard plate, shown here with a Large plate. It can actually hold a set of 2 if need be

When you open up the compartment, tons of space. I especially like it's MOLLE'd shut at the bottom unlike other mesh panels which are open

The panel is fully removable and they even used Hypalon for the MOLLE strips. Hypalon is extremely strong and quite expensive!

Shown here without the Mesh panel. Everything integrates perfectly. No loose straps or other extra nonsense. Notice the 2 main body compression straps

Notice the top 2 compression straps. The ITW Web Dominators were added by me

This pack has a LOT of MOLLE webbing. Note the 2 large pull handles. Great for easy grab-n-go. The Grimlocs were added by me (not included)

Side profile, again more MOLLE. For being a large ruck extra MOLLE is always welcomed for adding more external pouches for additional liter capacity. Notice the bottom angle

Top view of the pack. This top pocket is awesome, most of the large rucks always lack in the smaller cargo pockets region. Perfect for your multitool, music device, glasses, etc.

Here are some better shots of the top 2 compression straps. These also directly integrate into the shoulder straps. Load management is essential and you want the pack closest to you possible

The Mk2 also features integrated port for either radio or hydration use (essentially whatever you want ported through). The hypalon layering keeps it sealed tight

Rear view, notice the wide and thick padding. Love it

The waistbelt is fanstastic, it's padded just right, features MOLLE for a knife, canteen, utility pouch, etc. Note that the pack comes with a standard fastex buckle. I swapped it with an ITW Cobra GT buckle

Also, to cinch the belt instead of pulling where the buckle is you actually pull from where the padded belt starts. I actually really like this feature. Instead of pulling back on the strap, you'll pull forward getting the pack nice and snug to you

Behind the mesh adapter there is actually another pocket hidden. Cool feature is that it actually as an internal zipper that can access the interior of the pack

Inside shot of the pack

Notice the 2 large side compartments

The main flap interior, also has yes you guessed it, MOLLE. Perfect for additional add-on interior pouches. Here I added some shockchord

Top interior of the pack has another mesh pocket, again great for smaller items that you don't want floating in the pack

The Platatac tag with NSN

Access to the main compartment can be done 3 ways. You can go through the front via small pocket, through the top, and by the main zipper. Use the smaller zipper for quick access, go through the top if you don't want to open the entire pack (and allowing items to fall out), or use the main zipper which allows for better packing. Fantastic!

Shot of the supplied frame. I like that the pack uses a frame as some rucks do not. Depending on how much weight you'll be lugging around, having this is most essential. With that being said, the pack can't be used without it which is a bit of a letdown. I'd like the option of being able to remove it

Last but not least, the supplied radio harness. This pack is really an all-in-one. Some serious time went into design

The Platatac Mk2 is an overall excellent pack. The use of premium materials, such as, Hypalon, Multicam webbing, Multicam mesh, Multicam Velcro, YKK zippers, ITW hardware, just to name a few. The removable front mesh panel is also damn awesome. I'm extremely satisfied with this pack and have ditched a couple of other packs I've been using in the past (packs more expensive than this one).

But like all things the Mk2 isn't perfect. It would've been nice if the frame was removable and you were still able to use the backpack straps. The zippers would sometimes catch on the rain flys, not all the time but just enough that I would notice and every now and then get annoyed. It's also a bit misleading that they call it a Medium pack. This thing is huge! Definitely dwarfs any other Medium pack I own. Not a bad thing (and I prefer the larger size) but something to keep in mind when buying one.

If you're looking for a ruck or large assault pack be sure to check out Platatac. The Mk2 is a great pack and I won't be giving it up anytime soon.

-TONS of space and compartments
-Removable mesh panel
-Matching Multicam webbing, mesh, binding tape, Velcro
-Padding up the wazoo
-MOLLE on the belt
-Built tough as nails!
-Radio harness
-3 ways to access main compartment

-If frame is removed you can't reattach the straps
-Zips can get caught from time to time on the rain flys

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