Vertx Pants Belt

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Vertx Pants Belt

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Mon Sep 30, 2013 3:01 am

Vertx is well known for making tactical performance pants and apparel. This belt was first shown this belt at Shot Show and I immediately took notice. I liked how when they demo'd it, they literally unbuckled the belt and pulled it straight through the belt loops. Now if you're a wearer riggers belts you'll know that it can be quite annoying to manipulate the belt.

Notable features:
-Raptor Buckle
-Low profile
-Fits through belt loops

Product link:
not yet available

Shot of the Vertx belt, notice the low profile

The 1" Raptor buckle is very low profile

Release the buckle and you'll find the Vertx label

Added flap behind the buckle keeps it from rubbing and makes it easier to pull through your belt loops

Closer shot of the buckle. The Raptor is thin and like I said above, very low profile. Makes going through belt loops easy

Very subtle embroidery of the Vertx logo, you'll have to look close to see it

Sometimes a riggers belt is just too cumbersome or heavy to wear. The Vertx belt is just the right size and easy to take on and off like a regular belt.

-Low profile
-Comfortable to wear
-Easy to remove from pants

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