OPS Improved Direct Action Shirt (combat shirt)

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OPS Improved Direct Action Shirt (combat shirt)

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:09 am

With virtually every uniform company making combat apparel I began to branch out from the norm and find something new. Ur-Tactical came recommended by some of my followers so I figured I'd give them a try. Yeah the name is cheesy but let's not judge the book by its cover.

I've never seen a combat shirt with a full zip so naturally it caught my eye. So I decided to pickup a set of their combat uniform.

Notable features:
-Full zip
-Available in A-TACS FG, Multicam, Desert Marpat, OD, Tan, A-TACS AU, Woodland Marpat and AOR2
-Elbow pads included

Product link:

The OPS shirt is aggressively cut for an exceptional fit. It's athletic cut much like performance wear. Notice the tight curves

I will admit I did find myself zipping the shirt down a bit more than 1/4 way like tradiotional shirts. Nice way to cool down but I'm not sure if a full zip is really necessary

The outer materials are pretty tough and they've reinforced the elbows with 500D which is nice. The front layer pictured below is suffering a bit from plucking. Mainly getting caught on Velcro from my vest. Keep in mind though that this problem is not unique to this company. The thinner / cooler you get with soft materials you will sacrifice some durability. You want comfort and weight reduction you'll pay for it in durability

I'm always worried about brands I haven't tried since the fit can always be a shot in the dark. This shirt fits PERFECT. It's like they took the American athletic standard and used it in their uniforms

The large Velcro field was a bit large and did cause the shirt to bulk out ever so slightly, easy fix

Authentic Multicam label, no knockoff materials here

500D reinforced elbows

I do find it odd however how the thread they used was off color (small detail here)

Forearm pocket

Elbow pads, included, no extra charge (I like it)

OPS label with washing instructions (that nobody reads)

Beyond just being another combat shirt the OPS uniforms fit fantastic. Normally there it's either too tight, too lose or worse yet the sleeves are short. I was blown away by the fit of this shirt (and pants). Also be sure to checkout their other line of shirts (traditional quarter-zip).

-Color availability
-Elbow pads included
-Reinforced elbows
-Full zip (depends on personal preference)

-Cloth shirt material may be an issue down the line

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