BDS Tactical VR1000 V-OPS Series Ruck

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BDS Tactical VR1000 V-OPS Series Ruck

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Mon Jan 27, 2014 2:31 am

I've known about BDS Tactical for a while now but for some reason never had anything of theirs. What finally caught my eye was the fact that they are offering Kryptek in multiple patterns. Being on my current Kryptek Highlander phase I finally gave in. To attempt and complete my Kryptek Highlander set I went ahead and got one of their packs and gun belt.

I'll have to admit before I did submit my order I wasn't to thrilled to see that everything they make is built to order, I'm kind of an impulse purchase kind of guy. I was however reassured that the BDS process was smooth as silk. More on this later. Keep reading.

Notable features:
-Available in Black, OD, Ranger Green, Foliage, Multicam, ATACS FG, ATACS AU, ACU, ABU, Kryptek Typhon, Kryptek Highlander, Kryptek Mandrake
-Over 20 customizable options
-Price starts at $185
-Made to order in the USA

Product link:

I customized the pack to my liking, added some internal mesh pockets and 2 main compartments. You'll see as I go

The slash pocket and MOLLE were also options I opted for. I do find it cool that "my" pack is (almost) unique. Granted someone would have to choose the exact same options as me

They opted to use the fabric itself as MOLLE by folding and stitching. Although I would've preferred to see actual Kryptek webbing it is much nicer to see something match vs just plain brown webbing

Another option I opted for was the double extended main compartment. Instead of one large compartment I went for two. Gives it a good size but doesn't increase the overall size much

Each compartment features a standard grommet

Rear of the pack

One main gripe about the pack was that it didn't come with a sternum strap. This one pictured I removed from another pack on put on this one. Big upgrade I think should be standard. The padding however was most excellent

BDS label, Made in USA. Always the best way to go

Top view, note the dual cable ports and center hydration port

Inside the main compartments I opted for the mesh internal organizer pockets

The rear large compartment has a hydration / document sleeve and loop to keep the bladder hung

I have to admit that the customization process was pretty fun. Only hard part was picking the "right" options. Sometimes giving a gear whore to many options may not be a good thing.

Now with that being said I will say that the production process was in fact smooth. I absolutely hate waiting for anything but I was rest assured by constant automated emails from the BDS ordering system. I got an email once the order was placed, when the materials were being prepped, once it hit production, once the pack was complete and once the pack shipped with tracking number. I absolutely would NOT hesitate buying from them again.

-Made in USA
-Tons of color options
-Custom options are fun
-Great build quality
-Superb customer service and communication

-No sternum strap
-Would like to see actual Kryptek webbing

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