Triple Aught Design LensLight Mini TAD Edition

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Triple Aught Design LensLight Mini TAD Edition

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Mon Feb 10, 2014 3:38 am

I've been in the market recently for a smaller and more EDC friendly light to carry. However, I didn't want to sacrifice size for low lumens. Being a TAD fan for a while now I've always for some reason overlooked their lights. Their lights are made in collaboration with LensLight, a US manufacturer of focus-able LED lights that have a rich history in Hollywood lighting. Pursuing their need for a focus-able light solution they started making their own handheld lights.

Notable features:
-Made in USA
-Available in Black or Tan
-Larger size light also available
-Dual mode switch, one click for low setting and another for high setting
-5 lumen low setting and 330 lumen high setting
-Focus-able LED light
-Strike bezel
-Weighs 3.2 ounces
-Pocket clip
-MSRP of $159

Product link:

And here is the tiny little guy. I call it "the little light that could"

The TAD edition gets you the beautifully engraved TAD logo alongside the LensLight logo. I also decided to photograph the light after good use vs when brand new. I like the worn look and it really shows the robustness of the light. Gives it character

Closeup of the TAD engraving. The light itself is beautifully crafted and machined. No doubt you are getting what you pay for

The belt clip to me doesn't feel super strong but it has yet to fail me. Am I just paranoid to lose this great light?

Initially I didn't notice this but it absolutely blew my mind after I did. The inside of the head there is a LensLight logo, can you see it? This detail is absoultely stunning, I mean it's a useless utility feature but shows the absolute pride in what they do. Amazing

What sets the LensLight apart from other light makers is the adjustable "focus-able" head. Notice the large grooves in the middle? You simple twist this to focus the light

And compare to this image with the light expanded. Still has some factory grease

And here is what it does. The yellow represents the light. As you twist the light, the focus becomes larger or smaller. Depends on what you need it for. This is extremely handy for precision or for spot lighting. Note that I held the light in a fixed position as I adjusted. Goes from lighting a small space to the entire screen in seconds

The low power and high power mode is absolutely essential. Keeps you from burning your retinas when you simply need to locate something you dropped in the dark:

Low power 5 lumens

High power 330 lumens

One thing I regret is not trying one of these before, I'm loyal to a few brands of lights and was always skeptical but now I'm glad I got one. I also cannot praise the fact that it's US made enough. The craftsmanship of the light is apparent through. I mean they even added their logo to the inside of the head! That's pride in what they make.

As for the price, $160 does seem like a lot to spend on a utility light but keep this in mind, this light will probably last longer than you..

-Made in USA
-Focus-able light is an extremely handy feature
-Hidden LensLight logo is ridiculously awesome
-Low power and high power mode is essential

-I didn't get one sooner

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