Hardpoint Equipment CAPM Plate Carrier

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Hardpoint Equipment CAPM Plate Carrier

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:06 am

Hardpoint Equipment may be a newcomer into the gear industry but at least so are their ideas. Before you write them off as just "another nylon" company you should definitely take a look at their designs. The CAPM may seem just like another plate carrier on the market but their definitely are some features that sets it apart.

Notable features:
-One size fits all plates
-Accommodates larger 7x8 side SAPIs
-Completely hardware and plastic free
-MSRP $225
-500D Cordura
-Made in USA

Product link:

The CAPM in Multicam features all matching webbing and loop Velcro. One of the few and first carriers to go "all out." One of the best features of the CAPM is that it's one size fits all plates. The internal plate bags feature internal Velcro that adjusts to the plate size. No need to worry about having the "right size plate"

Notice the ample loop Velcro real estate, plenty for your patches and other accessories

The shoulder straps are completely hardware free, no plastic to break. This also reduces the weight...a bit. I don't think I own another plate carrier that is similar in design. The CAPM though does not come with shoulder pads standard. Depending on your loadout I would recommend picking up a set

The side cummerbund is attached via velcro, again no buckles. Having the attachment point on the side as shown leaves all your gear mounted on the front alone and out of the way. This design also gives you more frontal and continous MOLLE real estate

Upon opening the cummerbund you'll see the built-in side SAPI pouch. 6x6 side plate will be flush, however, if you've been issued the larger 7x8s they will also fit (although they'll stickout). The CAPM also comes with an adapter to secure the 7x8 plate securely

The inside of the CAPM reveals more loop Velcro for optional accessories such as more padding (sold separately)

The back of the CAPM with the back of the cummerbund section open. This is how you adjust the waist. Pretty straight forward. The bigger you are the more real estate, the smaller, well you get the picture

You can get the side cummerbunds pretty small by simply overlapping the back, although you'll lose a lot of side MOLLE. Also note the side elastic. This gives you a bit extra room, especially after eating a big burrito

Cummerbund MOLLE, again, all matching Multicam

Top back of the carrier shows a nice big and beefy drag handle. This drag handle is not tearing anytime soon

If you're looking for a well rounded plate carrier be sure to checkout the CAPM, it's light, affordable and you don't get a lot of compromise. I mean it'll accommodate most size plates and side plates as well. Overall well designed and not just another "plate carrier."

-Hardware free (haven't seen any other designs like this)
-Matching webbing and Velcro
-Fits most size plates
-Fits larger 7x8 side SAPIs
-Adjustable to most size humans
-Beefy drag handle
-$225 makes it one of the best in its class

-Could use some shoulder pads as standard (although it'll accommodate most commercial pads)

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