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Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Sat Oct 25, 2014 1:20 am

There is nearly an endless supply of cloth magazine pouches in the market. If you're looking for something different I would keep reading. The Gear 4 Grunts RAMP (Rapid Access Magazine Pod) is a polymer magazine "pouch." Instead of utilizing cloth materials you have a polymer molded "pod." Similar to how you have a molded kydex holster. Instead of cloth which doesn't have as tight of tolerances and uses some kind of strap to cinch the magazine down a polymer molded pod is made to the exact dimensions of the magazine. This allows the pod to be lightweight, low profile and for the magazine to click into place.

Notable features:
-High strength Military grade polymer
-Hold variety of aftermarket magazines such as PMAGs, etc.
-MOLLE / PALS compatible
-Made in USA
-$26.95 MSRP

Product link:

The pod resembles the same texture as a PMAG, very visually appealing
Gear 4 Grunts RAMP 5.56 Th_IMG_4627copy_zps0cf28a80

The RAMP is MOLLE / PALS compatible. Will attach any compatible plate carrier, battle belt, etc. Installs in seconds
Gear 4 Grunts RAMP 5.56 Th_IMG_4629copy_zps95b5af6e

Made in USA
Gear 4 Grunts RAMP 5.56 Th_IMG_4634copy_zpsec42132f

No straps, bungee chord or tabs needed. The magazine simple clicks into place utilizing the tab on the magazine. Shown here with a PMAG
Gear 4 Grunts RAMP 5.56 Th_IMG_4647copy_zps198be7b4

The RAMP is essentially a magwell receiver, notice the tab deep inside
Gear 4 Grunts RAMP 5.56 Th_IMG_4638copy_zps339091e5

There are different model pods available for different style of magazines although I was able to comfortably fit quite a few models into this pod.
Shown here with an EMAG
Gear 4 Grunts RAMP 5.56 Th_IMG_4640copy_zps4c9ec708

Shown here with a Troy BattleMag
Gear 4 Grunts RAMP 5.56 Th_IMG_4642copy_zpsa2612c01

Shown here with a USGI aluminum mag
Gear 4 Grunts RAMP 5.56 Th_IMG_4645copy_zps2c27c874

And here with an HK polymer magazine
Gear 4 Grunts RAMP 5.56 Th_IMG_4650copy_zpsac987292

RAMP easily installs on any rig you have, shown here on a S.O.Tech Contoured Padded Pistol Belt
Gear 4 Grunts RAMP 5.56 Th_IMG_4652copy_zps1420f9b5

The RAMP is designed to be used in an updside down configuration and yes the magazine is in there tight and secure
Gear 4 Grunts RAMP 5.56 Th_IMG_4654copy_zpscfb69513

Unfortunately if you use the RAMP in a rightside up configuration the magazine is now backwards for right handed shooters. If you're a lefty the RAMP works rightside up but won't work upside down. The magazine would face the wrong side when drawing. Not a huge ordeal but it will come down to personal preference
Gear 4 Grunts RAMP 5.56 Th_IMG_4657copy_zps439735cf

The RAMP pod is pretty unique, it doesn't use any sewn parts and also has no moving parts as compared to such as an ITW FastMag. Compared to Kydex solutions this pod is much smaller and takes less real estate. It's also (on average) a few bucks cheaper. Not to mention MOLLE / PALS compatible. If you're looking for a lightweight "high speed" magazine carrier, give this a shot. It's solid piece of kit.

-Low profile
-Compatible with various magazines
-Available in multiple colors, OD, Black, FDE, ATACs

-Not ambidextrous

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