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Arc'teryx LEAF B.A.C. Cap

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Arc'teryx LEAF B.A.C. Cap Empty Arc'teryx LEAF B.A.C. Cap

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Tue Jun 12, 2012 4:39 am

With so many tactical caps on the market it's almost impossible to just own one. I probably have a bag full of different ones, whether color, style, etc. Sometimes there is gear that is just essential to own and the B.A.C. is one of them.

Notable features:
-Comes in black or tan
-Stud-less top making it headset friendly
-Rear mesh making the hat cooler on the head
-Flexfit in 2 sizes fit both small and large heads
-MSRP of $30

Manufacturer page:

Shot of both the tan and black cap
Arc'teryx LEAF B.A.C. Cap Th_IMG_0056copy

Closeup of the "discreet" Arc'teryx logo embroidery
Arc'teryx LEAF B.A.C. Cap Th_IMG_0057copy

Sideshot shows the rear mesh half
Arc'teryx LEAF B.A.C. Cap Th_IMG_0074copy

Quarter and rear view of the cap
Arc'teryx LEAF B.A.C. Cap Th_IMG_0062copy
Arc'teryx LEAF B.A.C. Cap Th_IMG_0073copy

Top angle reveals the "stud-less" design
Arc'teryx LEAF B.A.C. Cap Th_IMG_0063copy

Flipping the cap upside down. Note the Flexfit brand and embroidery
Arc'teryx LEAF B.A.C. Cap Th_IMG_0065copy

Closeup of the Arc'teryx logo from the inside
Arc'teryx LEAF B.A.C. Cap Th_IMG_0070copy

Authentic Flexfit product which is patented
Arc'teryx LEAF B.A.C. Cap Th_IMG_0069copy

And in true GWA fashion, the tag. Made in Bangladesh
Arc'teryx LEAF B.A.C. Cap Th_IMG_0068copy

The B.A.C. half mesh design makes it lighter than traditional caps as well as cooler to wear. If you're on the field or just out on the town traditional caps can leave your head sweaty. A lot modern tactical caps I have noticed have switched to the rear mesh, which just makes sense. They've removed the top stud making them much more comfortable to wear with a headset or headphones as well. The discreet embroidery doesn't make the cap stand out as super tactical but if you get tan that kind of goes out the window.

One thing I am always worried about are hats that fit, I ordered the L/XL caps and to my surprise they fit great. I also like how they didn't go overboard with the velcro. Seems that a lot of tactical caps have entirely way too much velcro on them. Front, back, top, sides. It's just ridiculous. The front velcro patch suffices, honestly. They could even add a rear piece of velcro but it's completely not necessary.

Above I mentioned it's an essential piece of gear and I say that because it just works. It's an affordable cap, it's comfortable, and it just simply works.

-$30, for Arc'teryx, damn good price
-Half mesh design
-Multiple flexfit sizes
-Discreet with not too much velcro

-Made in Bangladesh

Arc'teryx LEAF B.A.C. Cap Gwaapprovedsmall2
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