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BCS Low Profile Plate Carrier

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BCS Low Profile Plate Carrier Empty BCS Low Profile Plate Carrier

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Fri Sep 28, 2012 3:44 am

I was in the market for a low profile plate carrier, especially one that was sub-$80. I wanted something low profile, light, and simple. I looked at all the popular brands and found some good vests but nothing really met all my criteria. I stumbled upon BCS (Beez Combat Systems) via the GWA site and it came recommended. So I decided to give them a shot.

Their low profile plate carrier was exactly what I was looking for. It was simple, light, and had a price tag of $69.

Notable features:
-Velcro for Name tape,ID, blood type...etc.
-Top load front and back hard plate – supports SAPI cut plats.
-2" quick release waist buckles on each side.
-Velcro across the front of the rig for mag pouch or chest rig attachment.
-500 or 1000 denier Cordura
-MIL-Spec thread.
-Optional shoulder and side molle pads available.
-Available in Multicam, AU, FG, Coyote, Khaki, RG, OD, Woodland, Black.
-Made to order and they ship fast.

Product link:

I opted for the 500D lighterweight nylon
BCS Low Profile Plate Carrier Th_IMG_0107copy

Plenty of velcro real estate, the top for patches and bottom for velcro add-on pouches, if need be. Quick and high speed setup
BCS Low Profile Plate Carrier Th_IMG_0110copy

The large hardware make it feel more secure but I would like to see smaller buckles in order to keep the vest "super low profile"
BCS Low Profile Plate Carrier Th_IMG_0112copy

The craftsmanship is good, straight stitches and quality materials. The velcro panels I noticed could have been cut straighter though
BCS Low Profile Plate Carrier Th_IMG_0113copy

Back of the vest
BCS Low Profile Plate Carrier Th_IMG_0114copy

Shoulder straps are reinforced, I have full confidence on the vest performing
BCS Low Profile Plate Carrier Th_IMG_0117copy

Vest laid out
BCS Low Profile Plate Carrier Th_IMG_0119copy

As mentioned above the vest utilizes a top load system for the plates
BCS Low Profile Plate Carrier Th_IMG_0120copy
BCS Low Profile Plate Carrier Th_IMG_0122copy
BCS Low Profile Plate Carrier Th_IMG_0125copy

Here is the vest outfitted with armor. This setup has MINIMAL weight, the vest itself is LIGHT!
BCS Low Profile Plate Carrier Th_IMG_0127copy

If you're opting for a lightweight kit setup nothing beats a low profile plate carrier combined with a chest rig. You get the added benefit of less fatigue and more maneuverability. Not only for combat applications but something compact like this makes it easy "stash-able" for a SHTF situation. With the price tag of only $69 you absolutely can't go wrong especially with it being made to order and being made in the USA.

-Available in every color imaginable
-Made to order for you, fast
-Made in the USA
-Affordable price tag without compromise on quality
-Lightweight, compact
-Plenty of velcro

-Large buckles can get uncomfortable and harder to conceal

BCS Low Profile Plate Carrier Gwaapprovedsmall2
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