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Intelligent Armour Belts

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Intelligent Armour Belts Empty Intelligent Armour Belts

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Sat Mar 02, 2013 6:18 am

Intelligent Armour offers 2 types of belts, a quick release featuring the Austrialpin Cobra and a standard buckled riggers. The Cobra is stiffer and would accommodate a gun holster without binding. The standard model is their Riggers belt which features a V-ring which can be used for emergency rappelling amongst many other uses.

While they aren't the only company with a riggers belt, they do make them readily available in the UK.

Notable features:
-Austrialpin buckles
-Type 7 webbing
-Available in 4 colors

Product link (cobra quick release):

Product link (riggers model):

Both quick release Cobra belt (tan) and riggers belt (black)
Intelligent Armour Belts Th_IMG_0086copy
Intelligent Armour Belts Th_IMG_0089copy

The riggers model has the V-ring which can be used for many purposes such as but not limited to emergency rappelling
Intelligent Armour Belts Th_IMG_0090copy
Intelligent Armour Belts Th_IMG_0091copy

Clean stitching throughout the belts
Intelligent Armour Belts Th_IMG_0093copy

Austrialpin makes some damn fine hardware
Intelligent Armour Belts Th_IMG_0096copy

Shot of the Intelligent Armour tag
Intelligent Armour Belts Th_IMG_0098copy

Shot of their Cobra gun belt. The belt is stiffer to be used in conjunction with a gun holster without binding the webbing
Intelligent Armour Belts Th_IMG_0104copy

Added rigidity
Intelligent Armour Belts Th_IMG_0105copy

The Austrialpin Cobra buckle, best in the business. I'd trust my life to it, anyday
Intelligent Armour Belts Th_IMG_0099copy

Perfect reinforced stitching
Intelligent Armour Belts Th_IMG_0101copy

Although Intelligent Armour aren't the only making riggers and gun belts they do make them readily available in the UK. Making safety equipment like riggers and quick release belts isn't something to be taken lightly, especially when your life is potentially on the line. Something like a riggers belt is not something to cheap or skim out on. Quality is EVERYTHING.

-Austrialpin buckles
-Gun belt has stiff insert for rigidity
-Stitching is excellent

-Tan is a bit yellow

Intelligent Armour Belts Gwaapprovedsmall2
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