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Helikon-Tex SFU (Special Forces Uniform)

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Helikon-Tex SFU (Special Forces Uniform) Empty Helikon-Tex SFU (Special Forces Uniform)

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Sun Jun 09, 2013 11:21 pm

Since I was initially introduced to Helikon I've begun amounting a small collection of their uniforms. Their heavy fleece is one of my personal favorites. In my constant and tireless pursuit of the perfect pants I got a pair of their SFU pants.

Notable features:
-Adustable waist
-Knee pads inserts (sold seperately)
-Drawstring cuffs
-Front pockets that can acomodate magazines
-Large cargo pockets, positioned higher and angled for easier use
-Lower leg pockets

Helikon-Tex's catalog and Facebook:

Shot of the SFU "Camogrom" basically their version of Multicam. Similar to the British adopting their own variant of it
Helikon-Tex SFU (Special Forces Uniform) Th_IMG_5534copy_zpsde411309

Helikon-Tex SFU (Special Forces Uniform) Th_IMG_5537copy_zpscd375732

The SFU features a button fly which I'm not necesarilly a big fan of. I understand the noise discipline but sometimes when you have to go, you have to go
Helikon-Tex SFU (Special Forces Uniform) Th_IMG_5539copy_zps4e8f2e0d

If you remember the older BDU pants with the adjustable waist, the SFU features the same system. This is not really necessary and is easily fixed with a belt
Helikon-Tex SFU (Special Forces Uniform) Th_IMG_5561copy_zps61c4ca68

Just like the ACU cut pants the SFU has knee pad pockets for knee pad inserts. I'm a big fan of having the option. Notice that the camo looks somewhat goofy on the knee. Helikon took the British route and opted for their own version of Multicam
Helikon-Tex SFU (Special Forces Uniform) Th_IMG_5544copy_zps20bf1388

Side cargo pockets are Velcro closed and if you notice they are at an angle. They are also positioned higher on the leg for easier access. Helikon seems to be incorporating a lot of good features in their clothing line. Seems like they are getting some good input from the field
Helikon-Tex SFU (Special Forces Uniform) Th_IMG_5546copy_zps1f0e9325
Helikon-Tex SFU (Special Forces Uniform) Th_IMG_5550copy_zpsf241a8a2

Back rear pockets are Velcro shut and rear area is reinforced. Also notice the thicker belt loops
Helikon-Tex SFU (Special Forces Uniform) Th_IMG_5551copy_zps2f098a46

Lower leg pocket with 2 bungees. The bungee was a bit loose and can be sewn a bit tighter for more tension. Pocket is suitable for a light, multitool, or knife
Helikon-Tex SFU (Special Forces Uniform) Th_IMG_5554copy_zpsb305ce4f

Again like the older BDU pants the legs have drawstring. I was personally never a fan of the drawstring and often found myself pulling them out
Helikon-Tex SFU (Special Forces Uniform) Th_IMG_5560copy_zps5acec1e8

Shot of the interior tags
Helikon-Tex SFU (Special Forces Uniform) Th_IMG_5567copy_zps7ae0f750
Helikon-Tex SFU (Special Forces Uniform) Th_IMG_5564copy_zpsefbba270

The SFU pants fit great and in my opinion didn't quite need the adjustable waists or legs. It seems like they were blending the old with the new. The pockets were placed very well and definitely showed that they were strategically placed for a reason. Helikon-Tex have gone under the radar in the States but they are definitely worth taking a look at. These are some good looking pants that definitely rivals the major name brands you see here in the States.

-Well placed pockets
-Knee pad pockets
-Good fit

-I understand why they are using their own pattern but seeing the original Multicam would be nice as well
-Unnecessary adjustable waist and legs
-Not a fan of button flys but not really a con, just a personal dislike

Helikon-Tex SFU (Special Forces Uniform) Gwaapprovedsmall2
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