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Jones Tactical EDB, EveryDay Belt

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Jones Tactical EDB, EveryDay Belt Empty Jones Tactical EDB, EveryDay Belt

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Sun Jun 16, 2013 5:42 pm

So you want a riggers belt but not sure which way to go. There are a lot of companies that offer riggers belts nowadays so deciding may be quite difficult. Today I will take a look at the Jones Tactical EDB or EveryDay Belt.

If you're not familiar with Jones Tactical you should definitely give them a look. Along with the EDB they have tons of other belt options. Best part is that they are all custom with TONS of options.

Notable features:
-1" Austrialpin buckle
-17337 Webbing
-Tons of color options
-Made stiff for holster use
-Low profile

Product link:

The EDB as you can see uses a bit of scuba webbing to make it stiff. This is a nice thing to have if you're going to run a holster or additional belt accessories. The thicker scuba webbing keeps the belt from binding
Jones Tactical EDB, EveryDay Belt Th_IMG_5070copy_zps172e7ccf

To prevent rubbing from the buckle, notice the extra insert that goes slips under the belt loop. Just be sure to order the right size belt or else this piece will stick out
Jones Tactical EDB, EveryDay Belt Th_IMG_5054copy_zps2eaf9932

Closing the belt you use a smaller piece of webbing your weave through the buckle and cinch it down. The webbing is soft and very easy to weave through the buckle unlike traditional thicker belts
Jones Tactical EDB, EveryDay Belt Th_IMG_5068copy_zpsa61b032e
Jones Tactical EDB, EveryDay Belt Th_IMG_5051copy_zpseb9a8044

The EDB uses the Austrialin Cobra buckles, arguably the best buckles in the business
Jones Tactical EDB, EveryDay Belt Th_IMG_5060copy_zpsb18e4340

Build quality is superb. For being a "small company" they have some superior build quality and boast some serious craftsmanship
Jones Tactical EDB, EveryDay Belt Th_IMG_5058copy_zps8e23a77f

Jones Tactical not only started making riggers belts but he went all the way and made every type of belt. Being a one stop shop for anything belt related. Wheras some companies may specialize on only 1 type, he offers all types. Definitely keep this company on your radar!

-Low profile
-Build quality
-Superior buckle
-Scuba webbing makes supporting a holster and accessories easy

-Current lead times

Jones Tactical EDB, EveryDay Belt Gwaapprovedsmall2
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