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Blue Force Gear PLATEminus

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Blue Force Gear PLATEminus Empty Blue Force Gear PLATEminus

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:49 am

The battle for the thinnest and lightest plate carrier is currently in full steam. Blue Force Gear has drawn first blood with their PLATEminus. This thing is extremely low profile and as minimalist as can be.

Notable features:
-MOLLEminus Technology
-Thin profile
-Available in Black, Wolf Grey, Multicam and Coyote Brown

Product link:

The BFG PLATEminus. There's more than meets the eye...
Blue Force Gear PLATEminus Th_IMG_9055copy_zps90e5b1fe

BFG's "minus" concept is to basically remove unnecessary MOLLE. Getting rid of extra MOLLE bars eliminates extra webbing, stitching and more importantly WEIGHT. The materials on the plate carrier are incredibly strong and very easy to work with
Blue Force Gear PLATEminus Th_IMG_9058copy_zps1fd2e2ba

Sides use a very simple ITW buckle which is IR signature compliant
Blue Force Gear PLATEminus Th_IMG_9061copy_zpsc10df1a4

The PLATEminus does not come with shoulder straps but are compatible with the LMAC shoulder pads set. Easily adjusts and the materials they use make it extremely low profile
Blue Force Gear PLATEminus Th_IMG_9062copy_zpsafecd99c

Precision laser cutting is a thing to marvel at...
Blue Force Gear PLATEminus Th_IMG_9065copy_zpsea5ff007

Back of the platebag. BFG is using some premium and VERY nice materials. Definitely not the typical Cordura, etc..
Blue Force Gear PLATEminus Th_IMG_9066copy_zps86b409c7

Laser cut precision, BFG knows their shit
Blue Force Gear PLATEminus Th_IMG_9068copy_zps98091720

Shown here with armor
Blue Force Gear PLATEminus Th_IMG_9072copy_zps10fc0865

Because the PLATEminus is so thin and light there isn't much rigidity. Makes sitting up the carrier a bit tricky
Blue Force Gear PLATEminus Th_IMG_9075copy_zpsa1fdbfd0

The MINUS concept may be too radical for some and I would definitely say it's not for everyone. There isn't much real estate for MOLLE but then again this isn't a full plate carrier with cummerbund, hell there are plenty of those already on the market. This is for the person who wants thin and light. Great for extreme mobility, light patrol, training, range time, etc.

I give kudos to BFG for daring to try something new. They've won me over and I'll admit that I'm a little eager to check out what else they have in the works.

-Laser cut
-Premium materials
-Made in USA

-MOLLE real estate

Blue Force Gear PLATEminus Gwaapprovedsmall2
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