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Honor Point ZOT Range Bag

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Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Empty Honor Point ZOT Range Bag

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Wed Nov 27, 2013 1:44 am

So you got a gun then you bought some mags, then ammo, then accessories but how do you carry it all? Sure you can toss it in a duffel and have everything banging around OR you can get yourself a nice range bag. Hell you just invested how much on that firearm and accessories?

You may not have heard of Honor Point but they've been around, mainly doing OEM and Government work. Just recently they've been focusing more and more on the retail market.

If you follow them you'll be hearing the term ZOT and if you're wondering what it is it's basically their way of doing removable pouches. "Zip off technology" makes it so you can remove pouches and install them back on quickly. You'll see them incorporate it more and more on their designs.

I've been looking for a versatile range / duffel bag but I wanted compartments where I can both keep my items organized and protected. I just happened to stumble upon Honor Point so I gave it a shot.

Notable features:
-500D Cordura
-Made in USA with US materials
-4 large side pockets (removable)
-Large interior compartment with modular divider
-Available in Black, Multicam, Kryptek Typhon, Kryptek Mandrake, Tan and Coyote Brown

Product link:

The ZOT range bag in Kryptek Typhon flavor. Initial impression? This thing is NICE
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9500copy_zps2ff82eea

Definitely not your ordinary cheap gym bag. This thing looks and feels expensive. It's just one of those feelings you get where you know you have something nice
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9501copy_zpsbc3640a6

You get 4 outer pockets total, one on each side
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9504copy_zpse72bf767

Backside interior of the pocket is soft lined
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9506copy_zps99af23db

With their ZOT technology you can unzip the pouch if not needed "slim it down"
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9508copy_zpsde3c413c

The end pockets also have a small zip compartment. Great for small tools and accessories
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9509copy_zpsbe1de8b4
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9512copy_zps695132f4

And of course via ZOT, it's removable! Also makes a handy tool pouch when by itself
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9513copy_zps8a97b223

On one of the sides the pocket is a bit more deluxe. When unzipped you get a roll out mat. Great as a rest or cleaning mat. Completely lined with anti-skid material
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9516copy_zpsa0ab3946
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9518copy_zps9fce284d

Top of the pockets notice the D-rings, you can use it for the shoulder strap or additional attachment points
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9520copy_zps947001ba

Notice the carry handles
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9523copy_zpsfe416f4b

Shot of the bag with all the exterior pockets removed via ZOT
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9525copy_zpsdc8085f6

Even the shoulder straps are nice. Camo on top and anti-skid on the bottom. Also notice the ergonomic curve. Hell they could've just give you a webbing strap and adjuster but they went all out with the padded straps (I'm a sucker for small details)
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9527copy_zps58fb34cd
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9530copy_zpsb478ee55

Top Velcro field for nametape or other identifier
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9534copy_zps5d73bd31

Honor Point label, Made in USA with American materials LOVE IT
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9538copy_zpsd81d7afb

Main compartment lid has a zip compartment. Ideal for mags, staple gun, etc.
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9542copy_zps32b16df9

Inside of the main compartment there are Velcro dividers. Keep you gear neat and organized
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9546copy_zps07fd4b3a

Bottom of the bag is covered in anti-skid material and it works well. Shown here a bit dusty
Honor Point ZOT Range Bag Th_IMG_9548copy_zpsa8490bc8

Before this bag I never heard of Honor Point but after being pleasently surprised by the bag I will be sure to keep an eye out for new releases. If you're looking for a deluxe range bag, look no further. I was able to fit ammo, magazines, eyes, ears, tools, shooting mat, targets, staple gun, cleaning kit and a few other items. No it's not a $40 gym bag but you're expensive rifle and accessories deserve a bit more then a good tossing around.

Only thing I wish there was is a longer version to accommodate a broken down rifle, from 10.5" to 16" would be ideal.

-Made in USA with US materials
-Build quality
-Color options
-Plenty of pockets, removable if you'd like
-Premium materials (where most would just ignore)

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