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Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1

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Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Empty Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Sat Oct 25, 2014 2:38 am

Plate carriers, it seems like everyone and their grandma make them now and it's becoming harder and harder to distinguish new and unique designs. Hard but not impossible. Enter Tiger Tailor a French tactical gear company. Tiger tailor has been offering some unique and fresh designs for a few years now and I only stumbled upon their site by accident. They were one of the first companies to offer a full Kryptek lineup which even included matching webbing and binding tape. I was impressed, so I picked up some gear in Kryptek Highlander. On to the review...

Notable features:
-Modular design
-Available in ATACS, ATACS FG, Ranger Green, Multicam, Multicam Tropic, Kryptek Highlander, Kryptek Typhon, Kryptek Mandrake and Coyote Tan
-$263.03 MSRP
-Made in France with mostly US materials

Product link:

Upon receiving the Platecat I was pretty blown away with the quality and presentation of the carrier. The craftsmanship was up there with the top tier US manufacturers. Here is the Platecat in it's base form. It's a modular rig so keep reading
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0422copy_zps30b32c5d

The front magazine pouch is removable and is attached via hook and loop and 2 fastex buckles. Installs and removes in seconds
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0431copy_zpse2c26c01
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0432copy_zpsb65a4bae

Assembled with the magazine shingle. The full Kryptek Highlander looks amazing
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0435copy_zpsd8e23d99

As mentioned above the modular pouch is attached via hook and loop and 2 fastex buckles. Notice the cable management tab and Tiger Tailor label. A craftsman always marks his work
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0442copy_zps7e9fe603

The shoulder pads on the Platecat are beefy and very well padded, in fact, it actually could do with a bet less padding. The extra padding makes the shoulders almost "too stiff"
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0426copy_zps058807cc

Shoulder straps are attached via tri-glide and d-ring. Not a fan of this design and Tiger Tailor has since updated this into a fastex buckle on the newer generation Platecat which is great news
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0451copy_zps9015325c

Reason I did not like this was because somehow and probably because of Murphys law, the buckles would come undone by themselves when handling the rig
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0452copy_zps11fa6ce7

Beautiful stitchwork by a relatively unheard of company. I was and still am thoroughly impressed
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0446copy_zps2e31afe3

Back of the Platecat, notice all the matching Kryptek webbing. Tiger Tailor was one of the first to offer complete matching webbing. Even before the bigger US companies were. Impressive
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0444copy_zpsb95e0737

If you didn't notice the drag handle on the back of the carrier that's because it's hidden
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0459copy_zps52d4dc85
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0457copy_zpse9b71013

Drag handle extends pretty far, the idea is the user has to "bend less." Neat idea but not necessary, GenII seems to have done away with this feature and the drag handle is now sewn permanently. Thumbs up for the innovation though
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0455copy_zps13474dac

The cummerbund system attaches and detaches pretty quickly. Oddly enough this never came undone when testing
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0465copy_zps1a8eea3c
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0463copy_zpsfa55ebc3

I was thoroughly impressed that by default the Platecat accepted the large 7x8 side SAPIs, this is something most plate carriers do not support. Most only accept the smaller 6x6 plates
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0467copy_zps2019d94b

Unbelievably easy to install your side plates
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0469copy_zps8c488b98
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0473copy_zps2c250a35

Since it's not a bulky external pouch, the plate is very low profile
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0475copy_zps0d1a6f63

Modularity seems to be king these days. The less gear to carry while having more options, the better. The Chestright is an optional accessory which can be worn by itself or integrated directly onto the Platecat
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0476copy_zpscf794d75

The Platecat with the Chestright. The chest rig accessory mounts via 4 fastex buckles in seconds
Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Th_IMG_0480copy_zpsed169441

There are plenty of plate carriers on the market but like many things a lot of it comes down to personal preference. The Platecat has a lot of great modular options that doesn't require the user to break the bank to get. If you haven't checked out what they have to offer be sure to!

Entire catalog can be found here:

-Modular, easy to use with integrated chest rig and magazine shingle
-Matching webbing on camo models
-Quality US materials
-Color options
-Competitive pricepoint

-Wasn't a fan of the quick detach shoulder straps but this has been since updated on Gen.II Platecat
-Shoulder pads could be a little less padded (personal preference)
-Big drag handle. It's different and I'm not sold on this feature. It has however been deleted on Gen.II

Tiger Tailor Platecat Gen.1 Gwaapprovedsmall2
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