Jones Tactical Molle Shear Sheath

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Jones Tactical Molle Shear Sheath

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:39 am

So you've got a shear and no where to put it. Odds are you have an IFAK but you might like to have faster access to your medical shears. I've seen people stick these in any imaginable crevice. This method has always made me cringe, especially the thought of them coming loose and poking you the wrong way.

Jones Tactical thankfully makes a very simple and low profile sheath pouch. Doesn't take up much space and I guarantee you'll have some room for it somewhere.

Notable features:
-Made from 2" 17337 webbing
-1" keeper strap, velcro sealed
-Molle lined back to be used with a MALICE clip

Product link:

The shear sheath is very thin and only takes up 1 column of MOLLE

The back is all MOLLE and attaches via a single MALICE clip

Pictured here with a MALICE clip

For all extensive purposes I chose to strap it through the middle, standard IFAKs have it looped through the larger loop

Since you carry a pair of shears in an IFAK it's definitely slower to get to, having an extra pair on the outside depending on your situation maybe a good idea as well

There really isn't much to this pouch but I like that. It seems that a lot of gear int he market is a "solution looking for a problem." This is an easy yet perfect solution to just storing a pair of shears on your kit. Brilliant.

-Low profile
-Does exactly what I need it to do, nothing more
-Made in USA

-Would like to see a Multicam version

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