Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Triple M4 Mag Pouch

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Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Triple M4 Mag Pouch

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Wed Oct 09, 2013 2:12 am

There are many magazine pouches in the market, from velcro top to bungee top it almost seems endless. With the market focusing on "speed reloads" and new ways to keep magazine retention Blue Force Gear is no stranger. Their Ten-Speed line of magazine pouches were designed to be low profile, lightweight and most importantly provide the user the fastest reload possible. No velcro, no bungee, no flaps.

Notable features:
-Helium whisper backing
-Low profile
-No mess magazine retention
-Made in USA

Product link:

Shot of the Ten-Speed triple M4 pouch. Notice a brand new one on the left and a used one on the right. More on the color fade later


The Helium Whisper is extremely thin and makes the pouch unbelievably lightweight

Newer pouches now have Multicam Helium Whisper

The elastic fades somewhat quickly after use BUT it does not affect the properties of the elastic itself

Some complain that it's not "durable" but all things considered you can't have the best of all worlds. The same prcinciple is applied to gear made in 500D vs 1000D. Yes 500D is not as durable but what you lose in durability you gain in weight loss. Deployment gear isn't always meant to come back

How can you argue with this profile?

The Helium Whisper is stupid easy to use and doesn't quite burn your fingers like MALICE clips and typical Cordura MOLLE bars

After weaving the pouch simply tuck in the Velcro and keep it secured

Pictured here with 3 M4 magazines

These are simply the lightest, most low profile pouches I own, hands down. Proof is in the image

Like I mentioned above these pouches aren't for everyone, if you're looking for something indestructible this isn't for you. These pouches are made for those who want the fastest, lightest possible magazine pouches available. There's a reason race cars burn through tires fast. Performance gained over weight and durability sometimes is necessary.

-Extremely low profile
-Helium Whisper
-Made in USA
-Fast reload
-Magazine retention is fantastic

-Color fades (performance not affected)
-With repeated abuse the elastic can possibly tear (see above paragraph)

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