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ITW Military Products MagBoot

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ITW Military Products MagBoot Empty ITW Military Products MagBoot

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Fri Jul 06, 2012 2:49 am

It's 2012 and there have been many improvements to the AR15 / M4 platform. There have also been various new magazines introduced as well. Magazines from HK, Magpul, Tapco, Troy Industries, Tangodown, Lancer, etc. Whereas there a lot of great solutions on the market there are still tons of standard USGI magazines in circulation. With the exception of enhanced followers there haven't been many improvements of the magazine itself.

ITW military products have been making the best plastic hardware on the market for some time now and this year they released their mag boots. The MagBoot is basically a slipcover for your standard USGI 30 round magazine.

Video demo:

Some notable features:
-IR Signature Reduction Technology (basically means the magazines don't light up like Christmas trees under NV and thermal optics)
-Mag boots weigh about 1.5oz each
-Raised enhanced grip/slip-resistant surface, especially if wet or covered in sand an other debris
-Reduces magazine damage
-Improves noise discipline
-Available in Black, Tan, FDE, Coyote Brown, and Foliage

Manufacturer page:

Glimpse of the MagBoot installed on 2 USGI magazines. Notice the finger groove cutouts, drastically improves magazine grip
ITW Military Products MagBoot Th_IMG_0077copy

The MagBoot only covers the bottom half of the magazines (where it's needed)
ITW Military Products MagBoot Th_IMG_0087copy

Notice the bottom of the MagBoot has a "bumper", this helps with the noise discipline and added durability of the magazine
ITW Military Products MagBoot Th_IMG_0082copy

Closeup of the bottom bumper
ITW Military Products MagBoot Th_IMG_0079copy

The MagBoot is relatively thin with the exception of the bottom. I noticed since it's a bit wider it does make it a bit easier to grab a magazine especially from a double magazine pouch since normally 2 magazines flush are harder to separate.
ITW Military Products MagBoot Th_IMG_0084copy

Overall the ITW MagBoots are a great magazine enhancement for any warfighter looking to upgrade his already existing array of USGI magazines. Note that these also fit an array of other magazines and not just USGI mags.

-Made in the USA
-Many enhancements to your magazine
-Color choices

-Can get expensive if you have quite a few magazines that need upgrading

ITW Military Products MagBoot Gwaapprovedsmall2
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