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ECHO NiNER Head Lamp Pouch

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ECHO NiNER Head Lamp Pouch Empty ECHO NiNER Head Lamp Pouch

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Wed Jan 30, 2013 4:17 am

If you're like me then it's likely that you have a lot of gadgets. Which is great except when you start gearing up. You'll find that mounting your Go Pro, helmet light, etc. becomes difficult while wearing a helmet and plate carrier. There are some solutions in the market but they are either expensive or are only molded for a specific piece of gear.

ECHO NiNER's Head Lamp Pouch. Although the name specifically mentions it's for a head lamp, it's more than suitable as a multi-purpose pouch. Along with the ability to carry a Surefire Minimus headlamp it's also a fantastic way to mount a Go Pro camera. The MOLLE mounting capability gives the head Lamp pouch an almost infinite number of ways to mount it. Whether it be on your vest, pack, bag, etc.

Notable features:
-Available in Black, Multicam
-Constructed with Mil-spec materials
-3.5" x 3.5" x 1.5"
-Compatible with Go Pro, SureFire Minimus, etc.
-Made in the USA

Product link:

The Head Lamp Pouch in Multicam. Notice the hybrid Multicam / Coyote materials. The coyote material is Hypalon which is a synthetic rubber. It's resistant to chemicals, extreme temperatures, and it's STRONG. Also make note of the 2 thing straps in the opening
ECHO NiNER Head Lamp Pouch Th_IMG_0002copy

Here is the pouch with a SureFire Minimus mounted inside. Those 2 small straps wrap around the arms of the light keeping it in place. The straps are VERY STRONG and don't impede function of the light whatsoever
ECHO NiNER Head Lamp Pouch Th_IMG_0003copy

Side profile of the pouch with the light
ECHO NiNER Head Lamp Pouch Th_IMG_0005copy

Back of the pouch. Note how they went away from the typical button snaps, simply MOLLE the straps through and tuck them away
ECHO NiNER Head Lamp Pouch Th_IMG_0007copy
ECHO NiNER Head Lamp Pouch Th_IMG_0010copy

Closer look at the MOLLE
ECHO NiNER Head Lamp Pouch Th_IMG_0012copy

And an even closer look. Note the extremely consistent lines and stitching. Top-notch
ECHO NiNER Head Lamp Pouch Th_IMG_0014copy

Here's the pouch mounted on a plate carrier. Doesn't take up a hole lot of space but depending on the accessory it can definitely protrude out a bit. One should definitely think outside the box though as this pouch can be mounted in so many ways on so many different platforms
ECHO NiNER Head Lamp Pouch Th_IMG_0015copy

Before ECHO NiNER released this pouch I was actually trying to find a way to mount both my SureFire and Go Pro, it was out of sheer luck they released this pouch. Like their camera straps I'm extremely impressed with the quality and design. Simple approach at a mounting solution, 2 big thumbs up.

-Built to last, made in the USA
-Innovative Hypalon constructive (vs. just using traditional Cordura)
-PERFECT mounting solution for a SureFire Minimus and Go Pro
-Tuck-a-way MOLLE straps

-Would be nice to see a full Multicam model although I'm not sure if the Hypalon is available in Multicam

ECHO NiNER Head Lamp Pouch Gwaapprovedsmall2
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