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Blue Force Gear LMAC Plate Carrier

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Blue Force Gear LMAC Plate Carrier Empty Blue Force Gear LMAC Plate Carrier

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Wed Jan 29, 2014 4:44 am

Blue Force is most known for their Helium Whisper low profile and lightweight pouches but they do however have a variety of gear. Along with the Helium Whisper backed pouches they also make plate carrier and bags. Their most common plate carrier design would be the LMAC (Lightweight Modular Armor Carrier). This carrier is completely modular and can switch from a full plate carrier to a simple low profile carrier in seconds. More on the carrier as we go.

Notable features:
-PlatePillow top, prevents injury from armor plates and adds comfort
-6x6 side plate compatible with included pockets
-Available in Black, Multicam and Coyote Brown
-$280 msrp

Product link:

The LMAC in its most simple configuration. Slick sides ideal more maximum mobility
Blue Force Gear LMAC Plate Carrier Th_IMG_9097copy_zps1d82e0b1

Here is a closeup of the Plate Pillow. If you've ever jumped or moved rapidly in a plate carrier you'll sometimes bunch your chin on the shifting plate bag. The pillow make it a bit more comfortable. Also notice the matching Multicam loop and webbing. It's the small details, remember?
Blue Force Gear LMAC Plate Carrier Th_IMG_9081copy_zps567191c7

If you have side plates the LMAC also comes standard with side plate pouches. They attach very easy and quickly via Molly Stix. If you're not familiar with them, you should be
Blue Force Gear LMAC Plate Carrier Th_IMG_9077copy_zpsf63d5234

Besides a plate you can also fit similar sized items inside of the pockets. One note on the side sapi pouches, it would be nice to see they also make one compatible with the larger 7x8 plates as well
Blue Force Gear LMAC Plate Carrier Th_IMG_9085copy_zps9c51d186

Pretty straight forward how it works
Blue Force Gear LMAC Plate Carrier Th_IMG_9092copy_zps9a9394c1

The back is equally easy to adjust, in fact, the front and rear of the plate carrier is exactly the same (well almost). This makes the carrier cheaper to produce, more efficient
Blue Force Gear LMAC Plate Carrier Th_IMG_9088copy_zps12c5dbc2
Blue Force Gear LMAC Plate Carrier Th_IMG_9091copy_zpsd68d916e

As seen above, you can run the LMAC slick, with side SAPIs AND you can also use an optional Ten-Speed side cummerbunds. These are easy to swap. Simply have them in your kit bag, lift up the flaps and install in seconds
Blue Force Gear LMAC Plate Carrier Th_IMG_9098copy_zpsb8a6a3b1

The Ten-Speed is extremely low profile
Blue Force Gear LMAC Plate Carrier Th_IMG_9102copy_zps53cd48e3

Side view of the Ten-Speed side cummerbund
Blue Force Gear LMAC Plate Carrier Th_IMG_9107copy_zps8bef3e75

And finally a front view
Blue Force Gear LMAC Plate Carrier Th_IMG_9110copy_zps497c8617

The backing on the vest is a very soft mesh. The mesh while nice that is soft also suffers from the material "plucking." Much like what hook or male Velcro does to fabrics. This began happening only after a few uses. Note however this does NOT affect the overall performance of the vest. More of a visual and slow wear of the mesh. You have to find the right balance, soft mesh for comfort or heavy mesh (which lasts longer) but feels rougher on the body
Blue Force Gear LMAC Plate Carrier Th_IMG_9114copy_zpsa6504ee6

Blue Force Gear takes pride on making quality gear and I've yet to be disappointed with anything I own from them. Taking queues from their Ten-Speed lightweight and low profile line of pouches, the LMAC takes note and delivers. The modular design is smart and I like how you can integrate their Ten-Speed pouches directly onto the vest.

The only things I'd like to see addressed is the mesh that began plucking, the lack of a dedicated drag handle and compatibility of the larger 7x8 side SAPI plates. And one last thing before I forget, the LMAC was designed to be used in conjunction with soft armor, if not, the plate can have extra room to move. Be sure to check the sizing carefully.

-Modular, goes from slick sides, to side SAPIs, to full magazine cummerbund
-Made in USA
-Matching Multicam webbing and loop

-No dedicated drag handle
-Not compatible with 7x8 side SAPIs
-Mesh "plucks"

Blue Force Gear LMAC Plate Carrier Gwaapprovedsmall2
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