Infidel Caps Multicam Operator Hat

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Infidel Caps Multicam Operator Hat

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Tue Feb 07, 2012 2:21 am

Their has been a lot of "Infidel" gear in the market as of late but Infidel Caps boasts to be one of if not THE first.

I have a larger head so finding a decent fitting hat has always been a problem. The "one size fits all" tag never is true for me. Usually since the width isn't the issue as much as the height of the cap covering my entire head down to the ears. Usually the caps are to shallow and sit too high up on my head.

Some important factors in a hat (at least for me):
-Country of origin (matters to me)

Manufacturer link:

The hat is very soft, something I can't stand are stiff materials especially on my head. Embroidered is their "signature" "Infidel" writing

Close-up of the fabric. Notice how the removed the top "ball" and replaced it with a velcro tab, perfect for a IR tab

The back of the hat features a bigger patch of velcro. Inside of the velcro there is an arabic infidel embroidery

Inside shot of the cap

Closeup of the inside of the cap. Notice that the stitching and materials are flush. Keep the inside as streamline as possible = more comfort

The tag makes me happy, Made in the USA. Even something as simple as a cap you'd be surprised how often gets outsourced. The hat also comes in various sizes, no "one size fits all"

Yeah I know, it's just a hat but it's always the most simple things that get overlooked. I've owned several hats from various companies and although the hats are great in appearance and construction they never seem to fit right. I have a larger head and a bit taller than average. The XL from Infidel Caps properly covered my head perfectly. Not to mention the hat is comfortable to wear. I have one to Bronson and he wore it for the majority of his Vegas Shot Show trip.

In the end it's a Multicam hat, Made in USA, and $20. If you're looking for a good field cap you simply can't go wrong with this one especially if you have a larger head.

One thing however I would like to see is velcro on the front of the cap vs. the back. Possibly velcro on the front with the infidel embroidered similar to the back but on the front.

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Re: Infidel Caps Multicam Operator Hat

Post  ericfine50 on Fri Feb 10, 2012 7:22 pm

Nice review!
I have had this hat for a while now and it still looks great!



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