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Vertx Pants Belt

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Vertx Pants Belt Empty Vertx Pants Belt

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Mon Sep 30, 2013 3:01 am

Vertx is well known for making tactical performance pants and apparel. This belt was first shown this belt at Shot Show and I immediately took notice. I liked how when they demo'd it, they literally unbuckled the belt and pulled it straight through the belt loops. Now if you're a wearer riggers belts you'll know that it can be quite annoying to manipulate the belt.

Notable features:
-Raptor Buckle
-Low profile
-Fits through belt loops

Product link:
not yet available

Shot of the Vertx belt, notice the low profile
Vertx Pants Belt Th_IMG_5081copy_zps8b83f0e8
Vertx Pants Belt Th_IMG_5072copy_zps5276f34d

The 1" Raptor buckle is very low profile
Vertx Pants Belt Th_IMG_5074copy_zpsc132913c

Release the buckle and you'll find the Vertx label
Vertx Pants Belt Th_IMG_5075copy_zps2cf715d2
Vertx Pants Belt Th_IMG_5078copy_zps1481ccc1

Added flap behind the buckle keeps it from rubbing and makes it easier to pull through your belt loops
Vertx Pants Belt Th_IMG_5085copy_zpsec4a88ca

Closer shot of the buckle. The Raptor is thin and like I said above, very low profile. Makes going through belt loops easy
Vertx Pants Belt Th_IMG_5089_zpse448da89

Very subtle embroidery of the Vertx logo, you'll have to look close to see it
Vertx Pants Belt Th_IMG_5091copy_zps954193b2

Sometimes a riggers belt is just too cumbersome or heavy to wear. The Vertx belt is just the right size and easy to take on and off like a regular belt.

-Low profile
-Comfortable to wear
-Easy to remove from pants

Vertx Pants Belt Gwaapprovedsmall2
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