5.11 Tactical Rush Delivery Messenger Bag

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5.11 Tactical Rush Delivery Messenger Bag

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:41 am

Been looking to get a tactical messenger bag. Wanted something in tan, molle, velcro for my patches, and relatively inexpensive. There are many in the market at the moment, TAD, 5.11, Maxpedition, Hazard 4, Blackhawk, and the list goes on. I narrowed my search down to the 5.11 because MSRP was only $99 and it met all of my criteria. I really did not want to spend $200-$300 on a bag for my laptop and tablet. I normally don't venture out of US Made gear but 5.11 are one of the few companies I trust that makes the majority of their gear overseas.

I posted on the Facebook page that I was interested in the bag and behold I was offered this pack from a community member. Couldn't pass up the good deal so I bought it.

Factory specs on the Rush Delivery Tactical Messenger Bag:

-Padded 17" laptop compartment
-Ambidextrous design
-Back-Up Belt System™ integrated throughout
-Attaches to 5.11s Wingman Patrol Bag
-Luggage handle attachment
-Non-slip shoulder strap with Duraflex hardware
-1050D water resistant nylon, YKK® zippers
-Web platforms on front and sides, flag/morale patch holder on front
-Quick-grab haul handle, compression straps that accept reflective tabs
-Back quick-draw, zippered Back-Up Belt System® compartment

First impressions

First thing that caught my eye was the color. On the 5.11 site it's labeled as "sandstone". I'm more used to seeing "coyote tan" "coyote brown" "khaki" etc. The color is absolutely perfect, not too dark and not too light. Upon opening up the bag and inspecting all the storage spaces one thought came to my mind, wow they really put a lot of thought into this bag. There isn't any extra nonsense nor is there really anything I need that is missing.


Outside shot of the bag, front and back. Note the front molle and velcro for patches.

Closeup of the 5.11 pvc patch in tan on the front and YKK zipper 5.11 logo pull tab.

Closeup of the 5.11 tag on the back of the bag. These small details, although a company logo, I like. Shows they are proud of their product. Nice that they tastefully place the logo their products. Nothing obnoxious.

One thing I totally overlooked was what would keep the bag from flopping around over my shoulder. Lucky for me 5.11 didn't forget. They include a waist strap. If you're a fast action messenger whether being a runner or on a bike this strap keeps the bag from bouncing around on your back. Adjustable of course.

The top of the bag there is a carry handle, resembles close to a vest drag handle. Stitching reinforced. Also a closeup of the molle and additional attachment points. The stitching throughout the bag is very consistent and reinforced where needed. A big plus. According to 5.11 the bag is made out of 1050 Denier waterproof nylon and it sure seems robust.

Shoulder strap has a nice long pad. Plenty long and thick complete with breathable mesh. Nobody wants sweaty shoulders.

The shoulder strap is removable and attached by 2 big buckles. Made by UTX Flex, Lock Monster. Brand name buckles and zippers go a long way. They are covered and protected by an elastic cover.

Front also has 2 zipped compartments. Big enough to hold an assortment of items. Badges, ID's, pens, lights, wallet, etc.

Quick look at the bottom of the bag reveals 2 metal grommets. Keeps moisture out, again, the small details.

Before I move into the inside of the bag let's take a look at the sides. 5.11 was nice enough to include 2 bottle holders. Mesh sides helps keep the bottle breathing. No wet messes.

But where the innovation starts is how they did it. One thing I dislike is having a pack without a bottle and that compartment remaining open and useless. Not a problem here though. Simply pull the top strap and voila the compartment is now shut and flush.


Before I get into the main compartment let's take a look at the back compartment. Cool feature about this pocket is that it's velcro sealed and or zipped shut. If you leave the zippers in the open position the velcro keeps them shut. Nice for "quick action." Also notice the big path of velcro. This according to 5.11 is for additional attachments such as a holster. Conceal carry and with the zipper open you have quick access.

Finally getting into the main compartment. The main flap is sealed with 2 buckles and velcro. Again like the back compartment you don't need to use both. If you see yourself going in and out of the bag then just leave the 2 buckles undone.

Shot of the flap completely open. On this side alone you get a large zip compartment, an open compartment and one that is velcro sealed (the one with the pull tab). Additional 2 pen pockets, bungee center, and card sleeve (cell phone, IDs, etc.)

Overall glimpse of the inside. There are tons more pockets inside.

Let's start with closes to the front. Big enough for a 15" laptop but velcro won't close. Very large compartment.

Then you hit 2 hand sized pockets (right behind the 2 mesh ones). The mesh pockets are about the same size as the the ones they are attached too. Great for keeping small things put. Complete with drawstring.

Before you hit the laptop pocket you hit the biggest compartment. The "shove everything in" space. Seen again here where the laptop charger is sitting:

The main laptop compartment is closed with a strap complete with the 5.11 logo and patch. They also give you a generous portion of velcro for even more customization. Again on each side you get yet another 2 hand size pockets. 5.11 has really outdone themselves with the amount of pockets, compartments, and customization possibilities.

Laptop compartment is padded (most of the inside of the bag is). 15" laptop is pictured.

Finally the internal tag. Made in Vietnam, anything is better than China.

Final thoughts

I absolutely love this bag. I think if it was made in the US I would be a perfect 10. I honestly don't think I would change a single thing on the bag. There are more compartments then you'll ever need. The color is perfect as well. In the end I'm happy that I got lucky and scored a great deal on this bag. I foresee this giving me years of good service.

-Price, MSRP of $99
-Color selection, black and sandstone
-PLETHORA of compartments

-Needs more external velcro, I mean you can never have enough
-Made offshore

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Re: 5.11 Tactical Rush Delivery Messenger Bag

Post  mindphaser on Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:12 pm

OK, Bag is ordered. Can't wait yeehawww, should be delivered on Thursday :-) Tactical Diaper Bag !


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