Vertx Phantom LT Pant (different material than the "Original" pant)

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Vertx Phantom LT Pant (different material than the "Original" pant)

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Sat Mar 24, 2012 6:30 am

When you think of tactical pants one more often than not always think of 5.11, however, companies like Vertx has been in the game for a long time.

The Vertx Phantom LT pant is the same as their "Original" mens pant but features a 65/35 Polyester/Cotton blend rip-stop vs their original pant which is a 98% cotton / 2% LYCRA blend. This is their flagship pant and bestselling product. I was told that they were specifically designed for several top agencies. Agencies that wanted a better fitting and performing pant.

Notable features:
-MSRP $64.95
-Available in Black, Navy, OD, Desert Tan, Khaki
-Advantage stretch™ fabric 98% cotton / 2% LYCRA ®
-Concealed zippered security pocket
-Articulated patterning
-Gusseted crotch
-Pocket inside cargo pocket for blackberry or cell phone
-Internal stretch waistband
-Back pocket credential trap

Complete specs here:

Front shot of the pants. Besides it being khaki, note the lower profile cut and look of the pant.

In this first pic you will notice that the knees look "baggier." This is in part to a smart design. You know when you bend over or sit down and your pant legs ride up? Vertx added more material in the knees to compensate for this. Instead of a longer inseam and making the pants too long they've added more articulation in the knees.

Pant has a button closure complete with a Vertx logo.

YKK zipper with a Vertx logo patch hidden underneath.

Rear view. Note the lower profile back pockets, no flap. Resembles jean pockets.

Closeup of the back pocket. No big flaps, low profile.

At first glance you may be concerned that there is nothing to hold your wallet in place. Inside is a builtin catch.

Rear view also shows larger and wider belt loops. This allows for bigger and more heavy duty belts.

The waist feature bungee stretch. This allows the pants to "auto adjust" and accommodate possibility a holster while still allowing a proper fit.

Notice here how the top of pant isn't a straight line. This was done to prevent "plumbers crack" when you bend over.

Side view of the pant. Note the low profile cargo pocket.

Closeup of the cargo pocket. Low profile with no large flaps. No buttons or velcro for closure. Also subdued Vertx logo.

Overlapping flag keeps your stuff secure. Access is fast and quiet.

Inside of the cargo pocket features a smaller pocket. Perfect for cell phone or other similar sized object.

One of my favorite features on this pant are the hand pockets. There are indents specifically for a knife. If you carry your knife daily then you'll know it can get in the way of accessing your pockets. Vertx made specific slots for this. 2 big thumbs up.

Pictured with a knife.


My other favorite part of the pant is the hidden pocket in the main pocket. Zip closure.

When zipped shut it's extremely well hidden. The line looks just like a plain seam. Very good stash pocket for documents or other items.

Plenty of space for a cell phone or other similar sized item. Also note the pull tab for the zipper. Big enough to easily grab and unzip.

The stitching and overall quality of the pant is fantastic, reinforced and double stitched where needed. Also has very consistent stitch lines.

Pant inside out, note the generous size of pockets.

Last shot is of the tag. Assembled in El Salvador of US components.

Some final thoughts on the pant. In a market now flooded with "tactical" pants you have to be creative and innovative to grab someones attention. These pants definitely do that. I'm a man of small details. I love when they go the extra distance. Not just putting out another run of the mill pair of pants. One thing I will note though is the waist fit. I normally wear 32 size waist and noticed these were a bit snug compared to all my other pants. I wouldn't recommend getting a full size bigger but maybe half. I think a size 33 would be a better fit for me. A full size bigger would make the legs too baggy.

These are very well designed and made pants. I have no doubt they will excel in what they were designed to do. They are tough wear duty pants. Ideal for any LE agency. GWA approved.

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Re: Vertx Phantom LT Pant (different material than the "Original" pant)

Post  PSCCanada on Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:53 am

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