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Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:22 am

There are a lot of soft shell jackets in the market right now but most are all tailored to the military. Some more low profile operators may want something that's high performance but more low key. This can be also about LEO. The Vertx soft shell jacket is made by Arc'teryx and is called the "Justice", however, this model is exclusively distributed by Vertx only. The "Justice" name clearly shows that it was designed with LEO in mind.

What makes this soft shell more low profile is the fact that there are no visible logos of any kind and there isn't velcro on the sleeves. These 2 traits combined give the jacket a more "plain" appearance and probably makes it in compliance with most uniform regulations.

By appearance it "looks" plain but there definitely is more than meets the eye. I mean afterall it is made by Arc'teryx.

Notable features:
-Adjustable drawcord hem
-Wind water and stain resistant
-Coil side zips for access to belt born equipment
-Two hidden vertical napoleon pockets
-Gusseted underarms for unrestricted mobility
-Hypalon/Velcro cuff closures
-4 way stretch
-Breathable laminated fabric
-Warm fleece liner
-Available in Black, Navy, and Crocodile

Product link:

Overhead shot of the Justice
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0001copy

View of the bottom of the jacket, notice the zipper and button snap
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0003copy

If you run a concealed holster this is where this jacket shines. Whether your LEO or CCW carrier
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0005copy

When you unbutton and zip up the side you know have clear access to your weapon. After a bit of practice this gets pretty fast. Very nice feature for those who need it
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0008copy

Jacket features YKK zips, truly the best in zip hardware, bar none
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0010copy

Instead of 2 long chest pockets this jacket features 2 smaller chest and 2 hand warmer pockets. This is something I personally prefer
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0012copy

Both chest and hand warmer pockets are pretty well concealed with the flap, making them almost invisible
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0013copy

Pockets offer plenty of space and drawstring zips make operating them easy
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0016copy

Quick shot of the hand warmer pockets, love having this combination instead
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0019copy

The sleeves are adjustable via rubber strap
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0018copy

Rear shot of the jacket. The jacket is a true Medium and duty cut, which makes it a bit shorter in overall length in order to fit your uniform better
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0022copy

The 4 way stretch of this jacket is awesome!
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0024copy

Added level of waterproofing with lining, nice small detail that goes a long way
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0038copy

Front shot with the jacket open
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0025copy

Shot of the tag, "Distributed exclusively by Vertx." Also very unfortunately made in China
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0027copy

Underneath the Vertx tag is the Arc'teryx tag, you can't get this jacket style anywhere but through Vertx. I know Arc'teryx has a similar cut but the low profile stealth cut is only available through Vertx
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0029copy

How to clean tag, might as well just say "give it to your wife"
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0031copy

A look inside the jacket and lining
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0032copy

The jacket is lined for warmth but by no means is it super warm, just enough if your wearing it over a uniform
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0034copy

Inside shot of the side zip, note the drawstring which makes the waist adjustable and retains the jacket tight so it won't pull up and expose your weapon
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0036copy

And the water test, here I pour a bowl of water onto the jacket to test the DWR treatment
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0089copy

Some shots of the water resting on the jacket, not sinking through
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0090copy
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0091copy
Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Th_IMG_0093copy

The Justice definitely caters to "uniform professional" since it's duty cut and low profile. Those that wear the uniform on daily basis and have strict uniform requirements should pay attention to this jacket. Same to those who demand a better performing "duty" jacket.

-True 4 way stretch
-Side zip for CCW
-DWR treatment

-Made in China

Vertx Soft Shell Jacket Gwaapprovedsmall2
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