Platatac ASS Grab Bag (Active Shooter System Grab Bag)

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Platatac ASS Grab Bag (Active Shooter System Grab Bag)

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Thu Jun 21, 2012 4:16 am

With the seemingly endless number of messenger and range bags on the market it's damn near impossible to pick one. You almost just have to flip a coin and order one.

Platatac is not as a big of name in USA and that's because they're an Australian gear company. As famous in Australia as Eagle is here in the USA. With that being said I'd like to introduce the Platatac "Active Shooter System Grab Bag" aka the "ASS Grab Bag".

Notable features:

-4 Rows x 8 Columns of MOLLE on the Interior
-3 Rows x 8 Columns of MOLLE on the Front
-3 Rows x 3 Columns on both sides
-Integrated Magazine and SSE Dump Pouch
-Integrated Document / Map Pouch at rear
-Low profile belt
-Drainage grommets
-Fully lined
-Available in Multicam, Khaki and Black

Product link:

First glimpse of the bag, pictured complete with mini operator

Closer look at the velcro. Nice big piece

Look at the shoulder strap

I like how all the MOLLE webbing is also in Multicam because coyote brown on Multicam is so last year..

Close-up of the MOLLE and stitching. Looks straight and consistent overall

Side of the bag also has plenty of MOLLE webbing, PLENTY. On both sides

Closer look at the MOLLE and once again the stitching quality

Bottom of the bag again has PLENTY of MOLLE webbing, probably more than you'll ever use but hey why not, right?

Closer look at the MOLLE and drainage grommets

Back of the bag

Note the tan strap

The tan strap mentioned above is the waist strap, helps keep the pack stabilized and from flopping around

Integrated strap keeps the waist strap in place when not in use

One thing I don't like is the back of both the shoulder and waist strap is that it's tan and not Multicam as well, looks a bit goofy

There are 3 total compartments on the pack, the smallest is also the quickest to access since it's closed only via strip of velcro

Shown here with a tablet, 10" tablet doesn't quite fit in this pocket unfortunately

The 2nd biggest compartment also doubles as a dump pouch, notice the flap

You can also fold over the flap and velcro it to the external velcro of the pack, however, doing this you've now ultimately eliminated the possibility of having patches on the front

Closer look at the dump pocket

Compartment easily accommodates a very wide variety of gear, tablets, mags, camera, ammo, etc.

The main compartment is full sealed by zipper unlike the others via velcro. Notice the YKK brand hardware

Inside look of the compartment, notice the ridiculous amount of MOLLE webbing, more than generous

Shown here with a PCU shell and tablet (with room to spare)

To just call this bag as a shooter bag would be an understatement. It's "just perfect" size makes it very versatile for a wide variety of uses. Daily, outdoor, range, deployment, etc. it's just perfect. There are many fantastic range and messenger bags on the market but most of them are just too damn big for everyday use, I mean how much crap do you carry in YOUR manbag?

For my first piece of gear from Platatac this definitely will not be my last, very impressed so far.

-Price, very comparable to other systems on the market
-Made in Australia
-Ridiculous amount of MOLLE
-Light, compact, just the right size
-Multicam MOLLE webbing

-One sided Multicam shoulder and waist belt is a bit fugly

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