BDS Tactical TactiXgear Cobra Pistol Belt

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BDS Tactical TactiXgear Cobra Pistol Belt

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Tue Jan 28, 2014 2:52 am

Along with making quality bags BDS Tactical also makes belts. While on their site ordering my bag I decided to pickup a belt as well. Having many different types of riggers belt I wanted to get a stiff gun belt and of course since they offered it in Kryptek Highlander, it was a done deal.

Notable features:
-Available in Black, Foliage, Multicam, ATACS FG, ATACS AU, Kryptek Typhon, Kryptek Highlander, Kryptek Mandrake
-$90 MSRP
-Made in USA
-Uses AustriAlpin hardware
-Constructed with two layers of heavy-duty 1.5" scuba webbing
-Belt lined with 1.5" loop

Product link:

The BDS TactiXgear belt utilizes the AustriAlpin Cobra buckle. Arguably the best quick release buckle on the market

Kryptek Highlander all the way around

The inside of the belt is lined with loop. This allows you to put it over a duty belt. Easy on and off

Shot of the tag, BDS Tactical tag. Made in the USA. Quality is what you expect, fantastic

The internal lining of the belt is thick scuba webbing. Gives the belt strong rigidity. This allows a holster to stay put without flexing

One downside to a pistol belt like this is that it's not very flexible

Just like the pack I ordered, I received step by step notifications from their ordering system. I'm overall very satisfied with the belt and wouldn't think twice about ordering from their site. I may even have to pick one up in Typhon.

-Made in USA
-Tons of color options
-Build quality
-AustriAlpin Cobra buckle

-Takes getting used to a stiffer belt but it's a purpose built belt

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