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Tiger Tailor Dump Pouch Empty Tiger Tailor Dump Pouch

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Thu Mar 27, 2014 1:14 am

If you visit Tiger Tailor's web site you'll notice that they offer a wide variety of gear, from mag pouches to plate carriers. What loadout would be complete without a dump pouch?

Going for the complete Highlander loadout I also picked up one of their dump pouches, appropriately titled "dumperator"

Notable features:
-Holds up to 8 magazines
-Adjustable mouth
-Rolls up compact
-Available in Ranger Green, Multiple Kryptek patters, Multicam and more
-Made in France

Product link (be sure to click on the English option on the top right corner of the site):

I like the approach of Tiger Tailor, offer some of the classic and simple designs as well as unique ones. The dump pouch is pretty standard but it's an absolute must have in your catalog
Tiger Tailor Dump Pouch Th_IMG_0488copy_zps06de00d9

The top of the pouch is steel wire brimmed to give it a bit of shape while still being flexible. Also notice that the top is adjustable and cinch-able
Tiger Tailor Dump Pouch Th_IMG_0493copy_zps0dddeaa9

Chord loop makes cinching easy
Tiger Tailor Dump Pouch Th_IMG_0495copy_zps34f79e56

Back of the pouch features simple MOLLE loops and an extra strap you'll use to compact the bag
Tiger Tailor Dump Pouch Th_IMG_0491copy_zps9ced1a0c

Pretty straightforward, roll it up and snap it shut, no fuss
Tiger Tailor Dump Pouch Th_IMG_0502copy_zpsbb490afe

Just like their magazine shingle previously reviewed, nothing groundbreaking but definitely an essential item to have in your gear closet and in their case, catalog.

The Dumperator is easy to use and straight forward but best of all is offered in Kryptek!

-Offered in Kryptek
-Easy to use

Tiger Tailor Dump Pouch Gwaapprovedsmall2
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