Kitanica Backcountry / Brush Pants

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Kitanica Backcountry / Brush Pants

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Sat Sep 06, 2014 8:51 pm

In my never ending search for the perfect pant I have stumbled upon Kitanica. I've heard of them in the past but never quite took the plunge into trying them. I've seen their more technical apparel before but it wasn't until they released their Backcountry and Brush pants that I took interest. The difference between the Brush and Backcountry pant is the material, the cut of the pants are identical. The Backcountry pants are made of 6oz NYCO ripstop and the Brush are 12oz 100% cotton duck (much thicker robust material).

Notable Features:
-Made in USA
-Available in Black, Tan, Kryptek Typhon and Ranger Green
-MSRP of $99
-6 total pockets

Product link:

Front view of the Backcountry pant

Closeup of the front

Instead of traditional thin belt loops, Kitanica has opted to use webbing similar to that of what you see on MOLLE webbing. It's the strong and I love the robustness

Kitanica has also opted for metal hardware instead of plastic. Completes the heavy duty look and feel of the pant. Most importantly they won't snap

And the zippers, metal hardware, naturally. YKK branded zippers also ensures smooth pulls and no accidents...

Front pockets are reinforced for daily carry use such knives or pocket lights

Reinforced knees

Rear of the pant

Reinforced buttocks and crotch...again...prevents accidents

Rear pockets are big enough for almost anything. Wallet, gloves, etc.

Waist is a adjustable although I prefer wearing belts

Kitanica label

Right leg pocket complete with Kitanica Gold embroidery. This pocket is useful for a folding knife, multi-tool, light, etc.

Left leg pocket is ideal for a cell phone

Inside tags

I didn't photograph both pants since they're both visually the same but here's a shot of the Brush variant. Again like I mentioned above they are cut the same just different material

After wearing these pants for almost a year now I have come to love them. So much that I now have them in Black, Ranger Green, tan and Kryptek Typhon. Words cannot describe how much I absolutely love these pants. The fit and finish are top notch. If you're looking for some top notch hard use pants look no further.

-Made in the USA


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