OPS Ultimate Direct Action Pants

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OPS Ultimate Direct Action Pants

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:44 am

The battle of the best combat pant has been in full swing for some time now just as the combat shirt. The market is saturated pretty heavily with them. Just like the combat shirt I ordered from OPS it was a crap shoot. I really had no idea what to expect. With that being said I can easily tell you that I was blown away by the build quality and fit. From an unknown company these pants fit better than most "high end" companies.

Notable features:
-Velcro waist closure
-Front integrated pockets
-Elastic knee joint covered by 500D
-Knee pad pocket (pads included)
-Reinforced tush area
-Rear cargo pockets
-Full length size leg zips
-Adjustable rear knee
-Reinforced snag resistant lower legs
-Starts at $135
-Available in Multicam, Tan, Black, Desert Marpat, OD, Woodland Marpat, A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG

Product link:

Shot of the Direct Action pants. Like I mentioned before these pants fit amazing

Knee pads are conveniently included with the purchase of pants, gotta love it. Installs pretty easily, no fuss

Notice the 2 front pocket slits, cell phone magazine sized

Big large belt loops

Velcro closure on the waist, gotta admit, not a fan. If you're a bigger guy, get ready for the hook to dig in

Rear shot of the pants

Rear of the knees are adjustable, you can go from relaxed to snug pretty easy

Notice the rear pocket location. I like the pocket size but not sure I'm a fan of the location. Kind of a weird place to put it. Also notice the authentic Multicam label

Closeup of the Multicam label

Reinforced butt area, good to have, sometimes you don't know where you sit..

The pants zip all the way up, awesome for cooling off especially if you have an underlayer

Notice the tapered waist (helps keep your butt crack tucked)

I know I've already mentioned it (how many times now?) but these pants fit great. It's also much different than whats currently available which I like a lot. No need to see the same designs come from every company. I'm glad they took a different approach.

The side zips although may be unnecessary it definitely makes the pants a bit more unique. Biggest bummer and what probably takes away from making them perfect is the missing side cargo pockets. One other pro / con is that the pants are reinforced upon reinforced which makes them a wee bit heavy but hey if you're gonna dish some serious ass whoopin' you may want that.

-Reinforced up the ass (literally)
-Comes with knee pads
-Full side zips
-Amazing fit and finish

-Missing side cargo pockets
-A bit heavy

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