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FHF Gear MOLLE Muff Empty FHF Gear MOLLE Muff

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Tue May 28, 2013 3:25 am

When cold weather strikes everyone is quick layer up, whether it be pants or tops. One thing that gets often overlooked are your hands. Having good protection and warmth while being able to use your hands don't always go hand in head (no pun intended). Generally you'll layer your gloves to the point where you can't do anything precise until you remove a layer or 2.

FHF Gear is a small gear company in Montana operated by a full time LEO and part time SWAT operator. Seeing that he's also an avid outdoorsman would make perfect sense to make gear that is not only needed but works.

The MOLLE Muff is a simple yet excellent solution for when you need your hands but don't have the time to remove gloves over and over.

Notable features:
-MOLLE or belt compatible
-Interior mesh pocket compatible with small chemical hand warmer
-Interior lined with 300 wt. fleece
-Available in Coyote Brown, Multicam, Ranger Green, Black

Product link:

Available here:

The MOLLE Muff
FHF Gear MOLLE Muff Th_IMG_5318copy_zps99a9c3f4

Rear view of the Muff, notice the many attachment points. The Muff is attachable via MOLLE, velcro, or waistbelt
FHF Gear MOLLE Muff Th_IMG_5320copy_zpsc34b6b2c

Interior of the Muff. Notice inside the mesh pocket which can be used in conjunction with a chemical heater. The inside of the Muff is warm, if used with a liner glove it can get very toasty
FHF Gear MOLLE Muff Th_IMG_5325copy_zps4538f705

FHF Gear may new a small and new guy on the block but their quality is top notch. Very well put together and complete with their own tag
FHF Gear MOLLE Muff Th_IMG_5322copy_zps27285ca0

This is an optional accessory and is to be used if you want to attach your Muff separately from armor or a belt
FHF Gear MOLLE Muff Th_IMG_5327copy_zps682568a3

If you spend any kind of time in the cold you'll know that it's usually your hands (and nose) that get quite frozen especially if you're handling firearms or doing any kind of work. Gloves are always good except when they render you fingers ineffective. The Muff is a great pickup if you want somewhere to stick your hands besides your cold pockets (which usually aren't lined with much of anything). The Muff at $45 is extremely reasonable and can easily be valued at twice the price.

If you're an avid outdoorsman or deployed to a cold area, this is an absolute MUST.

-Very affordable
-Build quality
-Internal chemical warmer pocket (such attention to detail)
-Plenty of attachment points, MOLLE, velcro, belt, waistband
-Made in USA

-Didn't really find any cons but would really like to see a compact or mini version
-Possibly an exterior pocket for phone or other kind of digital device

FHF Gear MOLLE Muff Gwaapprovedsmall2
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