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Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:43 am

What's that you say? The French are making quality tactical gear too? Yup it's true and it's pretty damn good too. You're probably not familiar with Tiger Tailor so consider this your initiation.

I recently acquired a few pieces of gear from them. First we'll review their dump Kryptek Highlander.

Notable features:
-Available in Ranger Green, Coyote, Kryptek (multiple patterns), Multicam, ATACS
-Bungee retention, adjustable
-Matching webbing and binding tape

Product link (be sure to click on the English option on the top right corner of the site):

I've been on a Kryptek Highlander fix as of late and was having a difficult time finding matching gear for my loadout. But low and behold here comes Tiger Tailor out of nowhere offering everything in Highlander. Not only was the Cordura in Kryptek but he also uses matching binding tape and webbing, fantastique!
Tiger Tailor Magazine Shingle Th_IMG_0481copy_zpse432219d

The binding tape is the webbing type material that seals the Cordura, it's pretty commonly used on tactical gear but can be tacky when it doesn't match in color. Also notice the metal drainage grommet
Tiger Tailor Magazine Shingle Th_IMG_0483copy_zps825c1d31

The back of the pouch, pretty straight forward button snaps
Tiger Tailor Magazine Shingle Th_IMG_0485copy_zps21696d0b

The pouch isn't revolutionary but it's exactly what I was looking for and at the time nobody else offered it. Simple 3 mag pouch with bungee retention with premium materials. The simple yet effective designs definitely sometimes outlast the more complex ones.

-Tons of color options
-Quality made kit in France
-Matching binding tape and webbing
-Drainage grommet
-Adjustable bungee retention

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