Hard Point UMC - "Universal" Mag Carrier

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Hard Point UMC - "Universal" Mag Carrier

Post  Gear Whores Anonymous on Sun May 19, 2013 1:58 am

Magazine pouches have no doubt evolved in the past 10 years, we've gone from using snaps, to buckles, to Velcro, to open top bungee, a combination of shock chord and open sides, to molded plastics (kydex), etc. The search for the perfect magazine pouch in my mind will go on for decades. With new materials and technologies there will always be something better. With that being said seeing the latest and the greatest is always fascinating to me.

Hard Point being different decided to take a different approach to the magazine pouch. Using a hybrid technology of molded plastic and nylon. They didn't however opt for any kind of rubber band, shock chord, chord lock, or snaps. The UMC uses tension to retain the magazine. There are no straps whatsoever, it's an entirely open top system. Open top systems is great however there is always that possibility of the magazine falling (although unlikely) BUT IMO is the best way to have a readily available and fresh magazine at your fingertips (think HSGI Taco, ITW Fastmag).

Notable features:
-Adjustable for any magazine
-No bungee, shock chord, etc.
-Auto tension system (adjustable for looser or tighter fit)
-Uses precisely 2 MOLLE columns
-Made in USA
-MSRP $45

Product link:

Shot of the UMC, notice the ample Velcro real estate, great for morale patches and for Velcro on shotgun panels, etc.

Side profile view. The UMC is definitely not the thinnest

Back view. UMC uses only 2 MOLLE columns. The bottom Velcros onto itself, no snaps

Top view of the pouch

Bottom of the pouch with Hard Point tag

You have to open this lip and secure the MOLLE strap (a bit of an inconvenience)

Taking apart the UMC. Although it seems like a lot of steps, it's quite easy. Best part? No snaps, rubberbands, shock chord, etc. This means no losing of small parts. Notice the insert, I can imagine a bulk of the cost of the pouch comes from the mold for this part. It's also in this process where you can adjust the tension of the pouch. The width itself doesn't matter since it'll accommodate larger 7.62 magazines no problem. Operator may however want to loosen or stiffen the retention (personal preference)

Pictured here with an AR magazine. The retention is strong, it takes some severe punishment for the magazine to fall out. I would trust the pouch 100% for on field use

Now for some profile shots. Shown here on a Grey Ghost PC. The pouch as you can see is not the most low profile pouch. Now with that being said I think it's a great way to stow an extra magazine here and there. Probably not the most efficient way to store a combat load but for extra pouches it's great. A good example is on a battle belt, rear of the vest or a small space where you have extra Velcro

The UMC's greatest innovation is also it's biggest crutch. The ability to carry any magazine and have such adjustability makes the pouch have a big profile. Now this may not matter if you're running multiple weapon calibers but if you're trying to go slimmed down it may be an annoyance. I do however run this pouch on a daily basis primarily as a phone pouch, hey if it works, why not?

I think I mentioned above, it may not be realistic to run this pouch for your entire combat load but it's a great way to accommodate some extra magazines where you have 2 extra columns of MOLLE. Have to also keep in mind the price, at $45 each it's up there in cost. Just keep in mind though that the construction of this pouch must make the cost really high. The molded plastic insert, the amount of components that have to be sewn, etc. Between parts and labor I'm sure that the pouch is reasonably priced and not just marked up.

Pouch itself is worth a look at if you're tired of the same Taco and Fastmag flavors. Also be sure to keep an eye our for future Hard Point gear.

-Accommodates both 7.62 and 5.56 magazines
-No strings, snaps, rubberbands, shock-cord. No parts to lose, easy field adjustment
-Very well made. Made in USA
-Big points for Hard Point for doing something new


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